My Love Affair with SoleStruck. Because Ugly Shoes ARE a Global Issue

 To Be Announced Trinidad. Available in three color combinations. Solestruck. $189.95. I got black last winter, but am obsessed with this nude/white color combo. Perfect for summer!

Dear Reader,

I have a confession to make: I am unabashedly SoleStruck. 

 Marimekko Tyrnihillo. Marimekko. Was: $398 Now: $238. Pairs beautifully with any of the three pairs of shoes listed.

 Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.

Months ago, the good people at DIGS Showroom in Ballard held an event featuring Portland brand SoleStruck. Not only did I have a lovely time, leave with an incredible swag bag that just keeps on giving (thank you, DIGS!); but I also bought a pair of edgy and functional heels. Thrilled, we went home. By the next day I was a proud winner of a free pair of shoes from SoleStruck. Woot!

And so it began.


My Love Affair with SoleStruck.

Step 1. The shoes arrive.

Indeed. They were silver oxfords. I requested a size 8. And, while they weren't my style, I was very touched by the gesture, having been chosen as the winner based on my Instagram post. Lucky for me, they were too small. 

Step 2. The shoes sit in our study for weeks.

 AG Stevie Cuffed jeans. Anthropologie. $188. Distressed denim is ideal with the white Opening Ceremony platform clogs.

I didn't have it in me to call and tell someone that my FREE shoes were too small and not my style. So, I let them sit. I considered giving them to a friend. I'm an 8, a very common shoe size. However, I live and breathe personal style and they weren't a match with any of my size 8 wearing friends. 

Step 3. I finally called.

 Topshop Marble print track pants. Nordstrom. $70. For the bold fashionista. Pair these with any of the three pairs of shoes shown. Go!

Carson at SoleStruck quickly became my new best friend. She offered to take back the unworn shoes and allow me to select any pair of shoes for $250 or less. Woah. I was in heaven. I made a Pinterest Board. Narrowing it down was painful. 

Step 4. I made a decision.

The Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony platform clogs. In black, they would have been all me all the time. The white patent was a huge risk and one I felt like taking. They were free, after all. Let my freak flag fly, I said! So, I did.

They were too small.

I returned them and Carson sent me a larger size. 

Step 5. I made another decision.

 Marimekko Silvi. Marimekko. Was: $348 Now: $208 The perfect pairing with the YES Miami shoes.

That darling Carson sent me an email that those clogs were on sale. "Are you sure you don't want to actually use your $250 credit for a $250 pair of shoes? Those are only $150 now, that's $100 left on the table."

She was right. I purchased the clogs and went back to my Pinterest board. Then, I ordered the Yes Miami in black buffalo, size 9. They were too big. I ordered the 8s to compare, spoke with Carson and returned the 9s once I was positive they were a fit.

Exhaustion and anticipation were all in the mix. Man, did I want those shoes.

And, once they arrived, I realized how much they felt like flats. That's right. I could practically run laps in them with the low incline and chunky sole. This was really turning into something. Lucky for me, the thoughtful, funny and above and beyond service from Carson made me just want to buy more. And all those options! 

 YES Miami. Black Buffalo. SoleStruck. $219.

As a personal stylist, many clients request items that feel like they are one of a kind. As we know, shoes can make or break an outfit. The edgy, sometimes even wackadoodle options at SoleStruck are not for the insecure, but the customer service is. 


P.S. You can also see my SoleStruck journey on Instagram. 

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 Thanks for the comment, Jenne. By special request, I'm adding a photo of the husband and me at the Velouria event. I'm wearing those shoes from Solestruck with a Marimekko dress.

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