Baby Steps: The Evolution of my White Clogs and What this Means to YOU

 The inspiration for it all. (Mine have a black cork sole)

You might remember last month's post featuring some of my early summer obsessions. At the top of the list: my white patent leather platform clogs from Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. 

They were bold. They were free. I wanted them. I got them. I had to figure out how to wear them. Then I did.

My Wackadoodle Clogs Over Time & Applying this Strategy to Your Purchase

 Levi's 501 Original jeans. Available in multiple washes. Levis. $88.

Phase 1: Jeans.

Whenever something super crazy joins my closet, it's easiest to start by pairing it with a basic. The universal basic, of course, is a pair of jeans. I started by wearing my clogs with rolled up distressed jeans from Pilcro. I'm a fan of very high platforms, so that wasn't the part that was challenging. It was the glaring white patent leather clog. After all, the last time I wore a white shoe was likely during the Ked/ Reebok era. By pairing them with jeans, the look was more subdued. Rolling up my pants made the clogs more of a focal point and less like nurses shoes slightly covered by scrubs.

Fashion tip: Don't be afraid of something bold. And, please, never utter the words, "I can't pull that off." You can pull off what you feel comfortable with. In order to get there, take baby steps. Start by pairing it with denim on top or bottom.

 Classic chambray shirt. Old Navy. Was: $29.94 Now: $11.97.

 Topshop USA Daisy Embroidery Midi Skirt. Topshop. $140.

 Topshop USA Textured Deco Tube Skirt. Topshop. $52.

Phase 2: The Chambray Shirt and a Photo Realism Midi Skirt.

For my next magic trick, I decided to admit to the world that I was wearing these shoes with pride. A midi skirt showed them off without offering up my entire leg and the shoes. Adding different prints and textures into the mix always shows a level of skill that is admirable and exudes confidence. Because I was still uncomfortable with the startling nature of the white (should I mention that I could have ordered black but didn't?) I stuck with a neutral color palette- blues, grays, a touch of pink. 

Fashion tip: As you gain confidence with your new piece, start to think about ways to make it a contributing member of your closet, rather than simply something that is, "hard to match." How can you pair it differently? Start with some of your favorite outfits and see if it can replace another shoe that you've been using. This is a nice baby step because you are already confident in that outfit, so adding in the new bold component is easier to stomach. The skirts above would work with the chambray shirt and the white clogs, for instance. 

 Topshop Jersey sheath midi dress. Topshop USA. $64.

 Topshop Monochrome Tile Print Purse. Topshop USA. $32.

Phase 3: The Orange Mini Dress.

 With the chef and guests at the Poplin Style Direction Kitchensurfing dinner.

Once I started turning to the clogs on a regular basis, I decided I was ready to let them do what they were intended to do- steal the show. I pulled out my orange mini shift dress from Top Shop. The orange means that it's already an eye catcher and it's the shortest skirt that works for my body. Normally, that dress is a canvass for a bold necklace and can be paired nicely with a wicker fedora for sun protection. But, with those clogs, a bold necklace made me look like a 13 year old playing dress up. 

Instead, I opted for a minimalist approach. While the color of the dress is bold, the dress itself has simple clean lines. There's no print for the shoes to compete with and adding the fedora still worked when I was outdoors. I also added a black and white textured clutch to integrate the white patent, black soles and texture of the hat.

Mission complete. As the weather cools, a grey cardigan longer than the dress will also work and add more complexity to the outfit without becoming overwhelming.

Fashion tip: Once you feel comfortable in your new piece, give it the opportunity to become the focal point of your outfit. Don't be afraid. You bought it because you love it. And, because you are (at least you seem to be) fearless. 

As always, I'm dying to hear how it goes! Please share. 


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