Having Fashion Envy? Time to Add Some Color to Your Life

 Ellie Emoto, Poplin Style Direction Summer Intern

Here's a post from this summer's Poplin Style Direction Intern, Ellie Emoto, who just wrapped up her time with us and is heading back to school in the fall. Enjoy! 


When you look in your closet today what do you see? My guess is that you’re going to find that there is absolutely no variation when it comes to color. I have definitely been guilty of this, finding myself always drawn to blue pieces when I shop because I’ve found it to be my most flattering color. First of all — how boring. Face it, the people whose fashion sense you envy are the ones that aren’t afraid to be bold or try something new with their wardrobe. 

Let me be the one to tell you that you need a little spice in your life. When you start to venture outside your comfort zone, you’ll find that there are multiple colors and different styles of prints that actually will look fabulous on you — but first, you just need to give them a try. 


Finding the Right Colors for YOU

1. Warm or Cool?

The first step in finding out what colors will look best on you is finding out what your undertones are. To make it simple, there are only two to choose from, warm or cool. The best way to do this is to check out your wrist and see what color the veins are.  If they appear blue or purple, you have a “cool” undertone.  If they appear yellow or green, you have a “warm” undertone.

2. Your best colors.

The next step is identifying which colors will naturally enhance your beauty.  

For cool skin tones, your “go to” colors will be any pastels or neutrals. Light yellows, mint greens, light pinks, rich purple, or light lavender. The colors you should stay away from are orange and green, which tend to give cool skin tones a sickly appearance. Another thing to take in to account is hair color. This goes for redheads especially. You always want something that will pop against your skin, so aim for really rich colors, emerald greens, cobalt blues, or deep reds. 

 Anthropologie Calendula Sheath Dress. $285.

For warm skin tones my favorite “go to” colors are peach, gold, navy, yellow, turquoise, bright red, cobalt blue, or an emerald green, like the one shown below. All of these will bring out your undertones, and complement your hair color and eye color in the most flattering way possible. You will make a statement like you never did before!  

 Joie Opalina Top. $198

Any skin tone can go for a neutral. Specifically grey, white, or black for cool skin tones. Rich browns, deep tans, or shades of white or ivory are for warm skin tones. The key is pairing a pop of color with your neutrals to make your wardrobe more versatile, while also accentuating your natural beauty. 

3. Integrating new colors into your wardrobe.

After identifying what colors work best for you, you need to figure out how to add them into your wardrobe. If you prefer to stick to the basics, add that pop of color with an accessory. The subtlest way to do this is to purchase a scarf or statement necklace in one of your dominant colors. Having this color around your neck will brighten up your face and bring more attention to your outfit. 

 Nordstrom Halogen Diamond Stitch Scarf. $48


4. Prints.

Now, lets talk prints. The only thing to remember when purchasing prints is to keep them proportional to your body size. Go as bold or as simple as you want, but you never want them to overpower your frame or make you look bigger than you are. My recommendation is doing one bold piece, but keep everything else to a minimum. If you do a bold print on your pants, keep your shirt or jacket simple, and vice versa. If you are larger around your middle you should never wear horizontal stripes — keeping them vertical will help to elongate your frame. If you have a petite frame stick to one simple print on a shirt or accessory or else your outfit could be overwhelming. 

 Shopbop Roseanna Chase Floral Top. $395

When you look good, you feel good. So don’t be afraid to try something new and change it up from the simple black and white, whether it be a print or a new color.  Be bold and your attitude will reflect it. 



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