Offer Up: Because Craigslist is so Undesirable You Rarely Bother

 These shoes for $40. It's worth a look.

There was a time when renting an apartment in New York meant that you needed to pay an extra (significant) fee to a broker. Then came Craigslist. When I moved to Brooklyn (nearly a thousand years ago), Craigslist made finding an apartment a breeze. Well, at least I didn't have to pay for a broker. I did, however, encounter potential roommates who, "like to watch Sex & the City, but don't live it. You know what we mean?" 

Um, yeah. I know what you mean. 

I digress.

Craigslist was a dream. It was easy, cheap and cut out the middle man. Although, as I've changed, so has the site. I must admit. I expect more and am willing to do less. Now, we find that the process of selling something of value is so undesirable that we often just give it away. No longer.

OfferUp is an app for your phone. In the spirit of Airbnb and Uber, it's easy, it's efficient and you have a sense of security. Here's more.


Offer Up

1. Buyers & Sellers rate one another.

Just like all those other of the moment apps, you can give legitimacy to folks who've treated you right. And, if you opt to become a member of TruYou, you can have your identify verified to make buyers feel more comfortable with you. Going a step further, TruYou will also show you if you are connected to potential buyers or sellers via Facebook. Technology. What can't it do?

2. Selling something takes an instant.

If you have time to post it on Instagram, you have time to post on Offer Up. 

3. It's Pretty.

Thanks to Instagram worthy images, you can actually see what you are buying.

4. It's Easy.

I was creating outfits for a client the other day and she interrupted to show me a photo of some Kate Spade shoes. Should I get them? They are $40. "Do it!" I cheered. Before I finished the session she was back with the shoes. The seller was ten minutes away. 

If you are on the hunt for the best consignment store to sell your pieces or deal with eBay, this might be a new option for you. Try it. See what you think. Let me know how it goes. After all, who doesn't want to make their lives a little easier? And who wouldn't want Kate Spade shoes for $40? 

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