Local Brand Kinwolfe Takes Maternity to Another Level

 At work on Divya's photo shoot. See  her story .

If you've ever been pregnant, you undoubtedly remember the struggle to find pieces that make you look your best, while still being functional for the days when you feel your worst.

Nearly six years ago, I recall that experience like it was yesterday. Knowing I'd likely only be pregnant once, I really wanted to make the most of it. I was having the time of my life. But maternity wear was not cooperating. Everything seemed dowdy, proper — in a word: boring. My favorite "dress" turned out to be a $9 tube skirt from Forever 21 that I wore as a strapless body con option. 

Since then, much has changed. Thank goodness for ASOS, Topshop and a sea of other brands that finally cater to the hip mom-to-be. But when it comes to the elegant, stylish woman who isn't independently wealthy, the options continue to be bleak. 

Enter local brand, Kinwolfe.

Founder Diane Lansinger focuses on bringing functional, high end contemporary fashion to women who are pregnant and, get this, beyond. One dress, jumpsuit or top works from the moment you discover the news through the entire pregnancy and is equally useful afterword, especially for moms who choose to breastfeed. Genius! 


5 Reasons to Check Out Kinwolfe Right Now

(Even if You Aren't Pregnant)

 Kinwolfe The Silk Radiant Dress Pink Hibiscus Engineered Print. Limited Edition Only 12 produced (and Divya's got one!) Kinwolfe. $325.  Additional $50 off with code: THANKS.

1. Style.

The moment I discovered Kinwolfe, I simply knew that Divya, one of my clients, HAD to have one of their washable silk dresses. At nearly eight months pregnant, we were about to show off her style in a Poplin photo shoot. Divya is a leader in technology and rides the line between dressy and casual every day. She loves expressive fashion, bold colors and, as the mom of a toddler, also requires that her clothing be practical. When we tried on the dresses, it was too perfect for words. She could look beautiful and powerful simultaneously. She now owns two. 

 Kinwolfe The Silk Vibrant Tunic Top Nimbus Grey. Kinwolfe. $155.  Additional $50 off with code: THANKS.

3. Functionality. 

I remember thinking that everyone at my office must have known I was pregnant before the big announcement, simply because the variety in my wardrobe was diminishing by the second. How many times a week can a girl wear black skinnies? The modern woman should not face such challenges.

Kinwolfe pieces have enough room to rock them throughout the entire 9 months of pregnancy. After you give birth, there's a hidden zipper that makes breastfeeding effortless. No more loud cover ups that alert the restaurant that it's time to feed. That zipper is a game changer.

There's also a little something for the days you happen to wearing something else and still need to nurse. The peek nursing poncho looks like any scarf in your closet, only more glamorous. And if you happen to have a little one who leaves a trail Hansel and Gretel would be proud of, the washable silk fabric is just right for you.

 Kinwolfe Peek Nursing Poncho. Nordstrom. $185.

2. You Can Buy Kinwolfe at Nordstrom.

That's right: Nordstrom. We were fortunate to connect with the Kinwolfe team prior to the big announcement. Now you can shop for pieces at Nordstrom online. Undoubtedly, this is revolutionary in maternity wear, so expect to see this Seattle maker dominating in years to come.

 Divya rocking the Kinwolfe Silk Radiant Dress. Kinwolfe. $215.  Additional $50 off with code: THANKS.

4. A Crazy Discount.

Yes! You can shop Kinwolfe at Nordstrom. But you might also enjoy shopping directly from the brand. Right now you can save $50 on your purchase when you use code THANKS. Might I suggest you use the discount to justify purchasing more than one item? Divya opted for one solid and one print. Done and done.

 The Silk Radiant Dress Blue Cube Digital Print Limited Edition. Only 15 produced. Kinwolfe. $325. Additional $50 off with code: THANKS.

5. Because cool is cool.

I was falling all over myself when perusing the Kinwolfe collection. The workmanship is impressive and the fabrics are luxurious. Sadly, I have no use for them as I'm not pregnant. Or do I? The cocoon style is of the  moment and really doesn't scream maternity. When I commented about this to Diane she replied, "I wear my dresses all the time." And why wouldn't she? They really are lovely.

Okay, so I'm not technically recommending that you buy a maternity dress when you aren't pregnant. But, I am suggesting that you spread the word about this phenomenal local brand. And, if there's an expectant mom in your circle, this really is the gift that keeps on giving.