My Five Favorite (Almost) Waterproof Shoes for Summer. Go!

 The ideal shoe for an evening at the  Seattle Symphony  after a long day running around downtown.

It's a wonderful thing, living on the coast. Whether you are prone to wandering along the beach for some alone time, digging in the sand with the kids, or something in between, you must have functional shoes to supplement the experience. After all, celebrating the moment is really what it's all about, right? Fiddling with challenging shoes or choosing to stay on beach blanket to avoid walking is, in a word, unacceptable.

To many clients, this means a super functional hiking or walking shoe, fashion be damned. 

Naturally, as your very own personal stylist, I'd argue that you can still look incredible and live an active lifestyle. With that, I'm offering up my five favorite waterproof shoes for summer. You'll never think of rubber the same way again.


Affordable and Ideal in the Elements. Yes, please!

 Venice. Available in multiple colors. Native Shoes. $55.

 Native Shoes Howard. Available in multiple color combinations. Native Shoes. $50.

 Native Shoes Jefferson Water Friendly Perforated Sneaker. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $46.95.

1. Native shoes.

If you've been reading the blog for some time, you are likely well aware of my obsession with Native Shoes for kids. They are as close to perfection as you'll see for kids. Lucky for us, Native also makes shoes in adult sizes. Based on classic American shoe styles, each choice is available in several colors. 

Nordstrom JUST started carrying one style in recent weeks. The Canadian company also offers other options on its website. Be aware, inventory goes fast and the shoes are sold in whole sizes only. If you are in between, I'd recommend opting for the smaller size. 

 Birkenstock Madrid Slide Sandal. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $29.95.

2. Birkenstocks. No, not those Birkenstocks.

Have $30 on you? That's all you'll need for this crazy comfortable rubber Birkenstocks. Available in an array of fun colors, these are reminiscent of shower shoes, it's true. But, there's something sort of fantastic about them at the same time. 

 Crocs Huarache Flat. Available in multiple color combinations. Crocs. $50.

3. Crocs. No, not those Crocs.

Seriously. Did you think I'd recommend THOSE Crocs? But, don't count the company out just because of their predominant style that is more reminiscent of gardening shoes than something that should be worn downtown. You'll find a wide array of styles and colors from closed toe flats to wedges and more on the site. All rubber. All comfortable. All waterproof. 

 Jeffrey Campbell Jelly Jam Slip On Flat. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $30.

4. Jeffrey Campbell does Jellies.

Believe it! Finally, a pair of shoes from Jeffery Campbell that can be worn on Seattle's hilly streets. So, hip, so fashion forward and so inexpensive. $30 is all you'll need to take a pair home. I went with the red which I anticipate rocking with navy and white polka dots or stripes. If you are at the beach, expect sand to seep through for a lackluster experience. But, if you are heading to a park filled with water fountains or looking for the perfect shoe to help your child after swim practice, this is for you.

 Teva Flatform Universal. Available in multiple colors. Teva. $50.

5. Tevas! Um, what?

Again, no, not those Tevas. Go for the classic Teva functionality with a more current design. Thank you, Teva! The current flatform trend is everywhere, as are white sandals. (Please tell me you have some.) But, you'll quickly notice that all flatforms are not created equal, with many choices actually quite uncomfortable. Look for foam soles with extra support for your lifestyle. Now you don't need to change your shoes to head out on a long walk. 

Now, the real accomplishment will be waiting for the shoes to arrive! 


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