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5 Ways to Wear a Ball Skirt. Yes! You Can.

The holiday party season is in full swing and I have exactly one thing on my mind: ball skirts. Believe it. My go-to for parties last year was a DVF jumpsuit. If you are just getting on that train, good for you. Stick with it. Jumpsuits show confidence without being over the top. 

If you, like me, are always searching for the next best thing, if you seek a new way to dress for a party that isn't the same outfit recycled, might I introduce you to the ball skirt? It may seem crazy, but trust me, this one piece can add magic and functionality to your social life. Think holiday parties, weddings, and for the very bold, an evening out. As your very own personal stylist for women in the Seattle area, I will prove to you, Dear Reader, it can be done. 

Let's begin with a definition of ball skirts. They are exactly what you think they are: a ball gown cut in half. My favorites include pockets. The most efficient way to find the right one for you is to hit the Nordstrom website or visit a store. I very rarely send folks to just one retailer, but I'm obsessed with this up and coming style and Nordstrom is really the place to find it locally. Here are a few of my favs. 

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