Win $250 Worth of TomboyX Apparel, a Free Styling Session & So Much More

 The TomboyX look. TomboyX.

For those of you who are all social media, all the time, you've likely seen my recent posts about visiting the TomboyX showroom in Seattle's SoDo neighborhood. I'm addicted.

Just a few reasons why I heart TomboyX and You Will, Too

 TomboyX Mason Lake Button Up Shirt. TomboyX. $98.

 BedStu Lita Oxford. TomboyX. $165.

1. Poplin readers get a discount.

Poplin readers enjoy a 15% discount until September 30th, 2014 with code: Poplin. 

2. Hello size 16!

 TOKYObay Track Watch. TomboyX. $100.

Most standard retailers run to size 14. I can't tell you how many times I've been with a client or friend and seen the disappointment when 14 just isn't quite working. One of the most important aspects of styling is ensuring that clients find what they need and feel great about how they look. If the clothes don't fit, it doesn't feel good. 

3. Hip clothes for the tomboy set.

 TomboyX Maggie Blazer. TomboyX. $185.

I've known so many women who prefer a golf shirt over ruffles or jeans over a dress. That doesn't mean they necessarily want to wear menswear. It just means that they'd like tomboy clothes that are made to fit their bodies. Little extras like extra buttons and stretchy fabric for bustier women or side panels for better fitting tops can make all the difference. TomboyX makes clothes for women, designed by women, and every detail confirms that this team was destined to transform women's apparel.

4. Made in Seattle.

What?! All this and more. The pieces of the TomboyX brand are all conceived, designed and manufactured right here in Seattle. The company offers a curated collection of other apparel, accessories and shoes, not all of which are made here. Although, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find several local makers and a variety of very hip and TomboyX-worthy brands in the mix.

5. The sense of community.

Dear Reader, you know how much community means to me. These ladies are all about supporting one another. What is more personal than the clothes that communicate who we are to the world? TomboyX helps women say what they want to say when they want to say it.

6. YOU could win!

 Vintage Watch Part Pendant made in the USA by Teresa DeLeen. TomboyX. $58.

Last week I did some styling at the showroom and after diving into the merchandise and seeing the effect these pieces can have, I KNEW I wanted to get more involved. TomboyX and Poplin Style Direction are partnering up to give away a styling session with me at the TomboyX Showroom,  a FREE outfit worth up to $250 and lunch with the team. See all the details here. 

I'd LOVE for you to win! You can enter up to four times.

Your four ways to win are:

1. Sign up for the Poplin email list,

2. Like Poplin Style Direction on Facebook,

3. Sign up for the TomboyX email list

4. Like TomboyX on Facebook

Find more details here. The giveaway ends Friday, October 3rd, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST. And keep your eyes peeled for this Sunday's blog post which will feature more of my favorite pieces from TomboyX. 

One more thing. If you are already on the Poplin email list, like Poplin on Facebook, like TomboyX on Facebook or are on the TomboyX email list, don't you worry. All subscribers and fans are entered into the giveaway. Just make sure you are taking full advantage of all 4 ways to enter to win.