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Seattle Sunday: JCOCO's Couture Chocolate, Do Tell.

I like my Seattle Sunday posts to focus on a local brand, boutique or stylish Seattle-ite. After all, our city has much to offer. So, when I was invited to an exclusive event for local chocolatier Seattle Chocolate's new brand JCOCO, I was doubtful it would fit into my vision for Seattle Sunday posts. But, I certainly couldn't pass up chocolate and wine pairings, now could I?

So, I invited my good friend and very first client, Lauren, to join me for an evening of indulgence. Little did I know that JCOCO would introduce me to "couture chocolate" (that's what they call it!) and the inner workings of a chocolatier while tapping into the love of fashion that so many of us share. 

5 Reasons Why JCOCO is Even Cooler Than I Thought.

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