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What's Wrong with 80%? Looking Your Best, Within Reason.

I once had a conversation with a supervisor who said to me, "you can't always do A work. Sometimes, you need to do B or even C work to get it all done." Recently, my husband received similar advice about setting the bar at 80% instead of 100% or, "you'll kill yourself trying." Well, there you have it. 

It's a funny thing about being a personal stylist, it means that people dress differently when they are going to see me. And, I'm pretty confident they expect that I'm going to be up to their standards, as well. I think I am, most of the time. With this new wave of advice, I'm going for 80%. 

Let's be honest. Life is busy, things come up and sometimes we wonder: is it really worth all the effort to put lipstick on before going to the store? 

I think it is.

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