Over $500 Worth of Poplin Services just for YOU.

 Ombre beaded necklace. Anthropologie. $52.

 Kate Spade Square down wide tote. Available in black, dark natural. Kate Spade Saturday. $170.

 Marimekko Hyrsky. Marimekko. $99.

Today I discovered a really lovely review on Yelp. 

 American Eagle Rico clog mid wedge sling. Available in multiple colors. Payless. $23.99.

I view my role as a personal stylist to listen to the client and translate his or her words into a strategic plan for the client's personal style. I never want clients to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about their closet, their size or their budget. I certainly don't want clients to feel like I'm regurgitating the same information from client to client. Basics, layering pieces, etc. It's much more than that.

It's about a journey to feel great in everything you wear. To feel like yourself. Above all else, to know what looks good on you and how to achieve the most stylish version of you after our few weeks together have ended.

That's why, I'm giving away an Uber Wishlist. 

That's right, a $575 value, the Uber Wishlist is exceedingly popular and is a brand new wardrobe cultivated just for you. After a consultation, I create your list of 30-40 items based on your personal style, budget, body shape and lifestyle. Here are a few examples.

Funky, feminine with an edge, urban boho, polished

Cool, current with an edge

Put-Together, interesting, tailored and a little boho


So, if you are interested in having an Uber Wishlist made just for you, and I know you are, here's what you need to do:

1. Join us for the June 14th Justin Marx Photography & Poplin event at Velouria.

 ASOS Bandeau jumpsuit with wide leg. ASOS. $47.64.

2. Or, shop Velouria online on June 14th with code: Poplin.

3. Sign up for the Poplin email list to be entered into our drawings. One winner will walk away with an Uber Wishlist, the other will head off with a Justin Marx photo

That's it! So easy!

How will you feel armed with your very own Uber Wishlist? I'll leave you with another client's feedback:

"A couple of my friends have worked with Mellicia as well, and it's been so fun to see her work her magic on them! We all have completely different styles, and she's dressed us all to perfection. She has an incredible knack for quickly getting a read on peoples' personal style and making them feel great." see more.