Seattle Sunday: Stylish Outdoor Gear for Women by Freeman

 Lady Freeman. Available in hull blue, grey, red, dijon. Freeman Seattle. $325.

I love the outdoors. But, I don't love outdoor gear.... well, on me anyway.

I worked at an outdoor gear store when I was in high school, selling, designing the displays and learning information about functionality and design that I still use on a regular basis. As the recipient of a healthy discount, I bought Gortex jackets, fleece anoraks, Thorlo socks and everything in between for nearly everyone I knew. Years later, when it's time to hike in the rain, I reach for the same Gortex shell.

Until now.

Our good friends at Freeman have finally given into our demands. They've created a waterproof jacket any woman can love.


Four Reasons to Love the Lady Freeman On YOU.

 Lady Freeman. Available in hull blue, grey, red, dijon. Freeman Seattle. $325.

1. Clean design.

For those of us who don't rock the outdoorsy REI influenced personal style, waterproof jackets can have too many bells and whistles. Giant logos, pulls, multiple colors. If you are trying to look sophisticated and put together, but still appropriate for a long weekend camping, the Lady Freeman is for you. Say hello to beautiful colors that aren't cluttered up with logos.

 Lady Freeman. Available in hull blue, grey, red, dijon. Freeman Seattle. $325.

2. Functionality.

How many times have you purchased a rain coat that doesn't actually keep you dry? Let's face, it, we're in the rainy city here and with so many of us sans cars, functionality is key. The Lady Freeman has a 10,000MM waterproof rating and 10,000 G breathability rating? If that means nothing to you, than you are likely just the urbanite I'm talking to. 

That's actually why they made it.

3. They are made IN Seattle by a lovely married couple that just has a passion for rain jackets. 

Have you ever thought, oh yeah, I just want a simple, functional rain jacket that I feel good in? Seems so easy? Well, Brittany and Scott Freeman had that vision when searching for a raincoat for Scott a few years ago. Upon realizing that they couldn't find one, they made one themselves (yes!) and started Freeman Seattle. If you read my husband's post on his vast Freeman collection, you understand the enthusiasm customers have for this brand. 

Lucky for us, stylish ladies now are able to share in this experience. 

 This Japanese retailer carries Freeman. Looks like a trip to Japan is in order.

4. They are big in Japan.

Translation: Jump on the trend before your friends.

Sure, it's sunny today. But that could change.


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