My Favorite Things Right Now

I could make these lists all day. The life of a personal stylist:) As we head into spring, here's a list of my favorite things right now. 

 Eraser Stripe Top and Skirt. Topshop. $150.

1. The Faux Jumpsuit or Dress.

Want the look of a jumpsuit without the complexity of getting in and out of one. Welcome to the world of the faux jumpsuit. We had a dinner party recently and a good friend and client rocked this look, prompting me to share. Simply pair a top and pants made from the same fabric. Tuck in the top and make sure both are styled to be equally blousy (that's not a word, by the way, but you get my meaning). The goal is to ensure that it looks like you are wearing a one piece. Or go for a faux dress. I always say that most dresses have the potential to be transformed into a skirt (by layering a shirt over top). Try the reverse by transforming a shirt and skirt into a dress. 

 Papillo by Birkenstock Giza. Nordstrom.. $99.

2. Flatform Shoes. 

I just cleaned up at the Solestruck clearance sale. One of my favorite times of year, might I add. If you like something a little left of mainstream, that's the site for you. Wherever you go, consider trying the flatform trend with something unexpected. Last season I rocked flatform Tevas and imitation platform Birkenstocks. I'm happy to report real Birks finally exist! And, Tevas are back, too. Give yourself a lift without compromising functionality. 

 RINGLY Dive Bar. Ringly. $195.

3. More Crazy Useful and Fashionable Wearables.

If you haven't seen Ringly, the time is now. Bold rings that allow you to connect with your phone. Wait. What? Yup. Go right ahead and set up your ring to give you notifications of text messages, calls, Tweets, whatever works for you. The more you read about it, the more you'll want one.

 LuMee iphone 5/5s Case. LuMee. $49.

4.The ideal iphone case for Selfies.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, LuMee cases are intended to solve the never ending saga of bad lighting. I must admit, I learned about them several months ago from a Kim Kardashian recommendation. Regardless of how you feel about that family, they certainly know how to take photos of themselves. 

 Jeffrey Campbell Redondo. SoleStruck. Was: $149 Now: $59.

5. Gladiators.

If you haven't given in to this trend, the time is now. There's an especially adorable pair of Steve Madden's in hot pink at Nordstrom that has made me incredibly happy on a number of recent shopping trips. (That pair is in a few stores, but not online right now. Check with the store if you'd like a pair.) Sure, you can go boho with this trend. Or, contrast the style with bold summer dresses (I'm doing Marimekko dresses with Jeffrey Campbell Gladiators), culottes or jumpsuits. 

 YSL Rouge Pur Couture. Color #27 Fuchsia Innocence. Bluemercury. $37.

6. Hot Pink Lipstick.

I've been on this train since Christmas and don't see myself getting off anytime soon. For those of us who've loved red for years, it's time for a fresh approach. Congratulations to those among you that have been with hot pink all along. Of course, it helps to have a professional advise you on the right shade. The ladies at Bluemercury in U Village always treat me right. This color is a Bluemercury recommendation that has made me very happy. 

 Franco Sarto Solano Open Toe Bootie. Available in two colors. Nordstrom. $128.

7. Denim shoes. 

They go with everything that a pair of jeans would. What's more practical than that? Just pay attention to styling for the right look. A nod to the 80's that is just right for now.

Patagonia Women's Centered Tights 27". Buy Me Once. $79.

8. Buy Me Once.

I appreciate the goal of this site and it's just right for my clients who prefer a smaller number of high quality items that last a long time versus fast fashion. (I like to blend both.) Buy Me Once features products that should last a lifetime. There's also a section with tips to help your pieces last longer. Hopefully, the fashion section of the site will keep growing. Until then, it's worth a peek. After all, the 20+ year old Docs in my closet confirm that they do last a lifetime. 

 Hello by Haasbroek. Threadless. Was: $25 Now: $15.

9. This T-shirt.

I can't get enough of this shirt. And when I mentioned Lionel Richie and the, "hello" video to a bunch of youth in their early 20's at the YouthCare Styling Session on Tuesday, I was shocked to hear that most of them knew what I was talking about. Who knew Lionel would stand the test of time?

 GINA Slingback Shoes. Topshop. $130.

10. The Block Heel. 

It doesn't need to be boring to be functional. Sense a theme? Block heels are comfortable and if you pay attention, you can find shoes that are fun and allow you to walk wherever the day takes you. I've been obsessing over these beauties for a few weeks now. Expect a little bit of loafer to enter your life in the coming year. 

Like I said, I could do this all day......

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