Chloe + Isabel Ups Your Style Game & 100% of Proceeds During October Go To Fight Youth Homelessness

 Bun Cuff. Available in several metals & can be used as a bracelet. Chloe + Isabel. $45.

Without question, my very favorite combination is fashion and purpose. Whether it's the upcoming fashion show for the Ruby Room that raises money to ensure local teens have hip prom dresses or re-souL's generous donation of brand new shoes for homeless youth, looking good makes everyone feel better. 

  Mitra Raman  of Chloe + Isabel donates 100% of proceeds to charity.

So, I am THRILLED to partner with Mitra Raman from Chloe + Isabel for the month of October. If you haven't checked out Chloe + Isabel, now's the time. Representatives host pop up shops each month that bring stylish, classy accessories into your life. Mitra is an engineer who channels her love of fashion through her work making us all beautiful with Chloe + Isabel. AND she donates 100% of her profits each month to a different nonprofit. Seriously. 

This is officially the perfect time to check out the brand, up your style game in a way that is authentic to you AND help end youth homelessness. Every dollar counts and it feels amazing to show off your pieces while sharing a few words about the impact you've made. Enough talk! Below, I'm highlighting some of my very favorite pieces. This is only the beginning, be sure to peruse the site on your own. No special codes needed. Every purchase supports YouthCare. Happy shopping!


Some Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Your Shopping With Chloe + Isabel

 Smooth Crescent Hair Comb. Available in rose gold, gold. Chloe + Isabel. $28.

 Wishbone Pin Set. Available in two color combinations. Chloe + Isabel. $16.


1. A Hair Band and a Hair Clip Walk into the Board Room.....

Which one is running the meeting? Metallic hair accessories are an easy, inexpensive way to polish your look.

 Cat Eye Sunglasses. Chloe + Isabel. $75.

 Positano Beach Blanket. Chloe + Isabel. $50.

 Wide-Brimmed Summer Straw Hat. Chloe + Isabel. $48.


2. Vacation, All I Ever Wanted.

Now that fall has set in and things are getting a little crazy, let us not forget that trips to warmer weather are right around the corner. Why wait until February to freak out attempting to find the right beach accessories for your trip to Hawaii? 

 Rebel Crystal Stackable Rings. Chloe + Isabel. $48.


3. Effortless Elegance. If that's You, These Are Calling Your Name.

If you love diamonds, but don't love the price tag, this is your jam. Chloe + Isabel makes costume jewelry that looks real. As a great businesswoman, you know where to invest.

 Jet Octagon Convertible Necklace. Chloe + Isabel. $128.

 Atlas Statement Ring. Chloe + Isabel. $38.


4. You Know It's a Statement Piece When You Can See it Across the Room. 

Fine jewelry designer Adrienne Krieger, owner of Everling Jewelry, said those words to me the other day and she knows just what she's talking about. Don't be afraid to make a statement with these eye catching pieces.

 Enamel Tie Bar. Chloe + Isabel. $28. (My husband will LOVE this.)

 Paillette Single Drop Earrings. Chloe + Isabel. $24.


5. There's Something for Everyone.

 Aventine Fringe Multi-Wrap Bracelet. Chloe + Isabel. $55.

I can't tell you how often I work with a client only to have her partner ask when he can be styled. (In case you are wondering, when I'm fortunate enough to work with a female couple, like JFK on a Boat and Audrey Hepburn on Acid, I get to jump right into styling both. If, a partner is male, I send him over to Turnstyle Sartorial.) As you stock up for fall, consider picking up a few items for a fella in your life. After all, the holidays will be here before you know it.


And there you have it. Hopefully, this prompts you to take a look at Mitra's page for the first time and go back often. Remember, profits from sales during the month of October go to support YouthCare's work to support homeless youth ages 16-24 in King County. From housing to job training, meals, education training and everything in between, YouthCare is changing lives right here for the 1,000 young people who are homeless every night in King County. Pick up something pretty for yourself and help a young person feel better.

For more on Poplin's work with YouthCare, see the Give Back Page.