You Asked. I Answered. Welcome to the New Products Page!

I'm so grateful to you, Dear Reader, for completing the Poplin Survey. Thank YOU. You offered up so many fresh ideas and I've been having the time of my life implementing them. For example, quite a few folks asked for more packages at various price points AND a discount for existing clients. Well, I have great news for you. 

New Poplin Packages to Fit Your Needs.

1. Packages big and small.

Every Poplin client receives a personalized web page made just for her. This page includes detailed information on what cuts are most flattering for her body, what retailers she might like and much more. We develop a strategy using her body type, budget and personal style that guides the entire styling process. Now, thanks to feedback from readers and clients, you can purchase one package at a time or the entire Style 360, depending on your needs. See what I mean on the new products page.

2. Extra love for returning clients.

Once a client has an online personal profile, there's no need to charge her for another. Therefore, existing clients pay only the hourly rate for standard packages such as another Closet Edit, more Outfits, etc. 

Although, most existing clients need more specific services. Specifically, help with packing for a trip, a seasonal shopping trip, time with Poplin and a tailor, special event or wedding help, and the list goes on. In fact, it's pretty common for a long time client to just want some time together in her closet to identify any, "holes" before the next seasonal shop. Whatever it is, existing clients pay just the hourly rate. If you are an existing client, check out the Client Access Page for more information on services, a list of recommended retailers and much more. 

If you haven't had a chance to take the Poplin Survey, please feel free to do so now. Whether you are a reader or a client, your perspective is especially helpful in ensuring the business is providing the highest quality service.