Dear Etsy, It's Time to Make Art Out of Headphone Wires

I finally upgraded my iphone last night. Hooray! Huzzah! During the purchase, I told my salesperson all about my idea for making use of the soon to be useless iphone cords. It occurred to me, I should get the word out with your help, Dear Reader. If you like it, please share.

Dear Etsy (translation genius makers who sell via Etsy),

We're about to see millions upon millions of iphone headphone cords that have no productive use. We all know that means they will likely head straight to a landfill. I have an idea and I'd love one of you to take it and run. I'm sure you are perfect for this job.

Let's use them to make some very hip accessories. Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

1. Weave the cords together to make bracelets and/or earrings. Kids in summer camp make bracelets out of cord, I'm sure the all white option would have a minimalist vibe that the fashion forward would love to wear.

2. Use them to make handbags. You know how hip and durable handbags made out of seatbelts are, don't you. Just image coin purses and totes made by weaving together cords that were once earbuds. You can even use the earpieces as tassles. There are so many options.

3. How about belts or headbands? Okay, these are a reach. Sure they'd work, but I'm not sure how cool they'd be. But, I leave that up to you. You've got ideas. I know you do.

Last but not least, if a portion of sales goes to make the world a better place (let's say by encouraging others to recycle, or supporting communities adversely affected by landfills or pollution, and so on), this idea really takes off.

Okay. I've done my part. Now, it's all you. Go! Go! Go!