One FREE Hour of Styling + All Your Questions Answered about Money + Style (in person!)

As a personal stylist for women, I spend a great deal of time discussing budgets with my clients. We talk about when to invest, when to cut back, when to buy new and when/if to buy used. A lot goes into balancing your money and your style.

What’s more fun than getting a crash course about how to elevate your style while respecting your financial goals? How about an entire evening filled with engaging, fascinating and friendly women who are there to learn the same thing? Register now for an evening of Money + Style with Poplin Style Direction hosted by the Koa Club. Here’s what you need to know.

Fun Fact: There’s a  Microsoft Ad  featuring yours truly….. just in case you are wondering what I sound like before you register to listen to me for an extended period:)

Fun Fact: There’s a Microsoft Ad featuring yours truly….. just in case you are wondering what I sound like before you register to listen to me for an extended period:)

Money + Style

How to know what to buy, what to save, what to change and what to keep the same. Do you need to break the bank to look and feel your best? How do you avoid purchasing items that just hang in your closet for years with the tags still on? And why does everyone mention having a tailor and yet it's never clear what exactly you are tailoring and why? These are only a few of the questions answered during this useful and entertaining workshop. Find out how to buy strategically, when and how to sell pieces and how to ensure that you look like your authentic self and stay within your real-life budget. Personal Stylist and owner of Poplin Style Direction, Mellicia Marx, has worked with hundreds to women to help each one develop a strategy to attain and maintain an authentic personal style that flatters her frame, fits her lifestyle and makes her look and feel her best. 

By: Mellicia Marx, Founder, Poplin Style Direction

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

5:30pm-7:30pm @ The Pioneer Collective. 100 S. King Street, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98104 (1st Ave and King Street near Pioneer Square)

(presentation begins at 6PM)

To register:

Light bites & wine provided

More on the Koa Club

The Koa Club is a brand new organization spearheaded by a woman I adore and admire, Susan Seah. Susan once decided to run a marathon every month for a year because it sounded hard. And it was. So she did it. And that’s how she is. She gets a potentially crazy idea in her head and takes action.

The Koa Club is unlike any organization I’ve been a part of before. You apply to be a member, which is easy and fun. The goal is to ensure that the club is filled with women who want to grow, learn new things, have a whole lot of fun and make new friends. Believe it, Seattle. Make new friends. So if you are new to town or ready to carve out ongoing lady time, this is a great start. Whether we’re learning how to change a tire, negotiate our careers or look and feel our best, it’s sure to be a wild and fulfilling ride.

More on Money + Style

If you’ve seen a Poplin presentation before, you know they are jam packed with information presented in a fun, casual and interactive way. This one is also filled with information shared for the first time about how to be strategic with your spending on clothing, where to go and when to shop, what to buy and more. It’s sure to save you cash in the long run. Come on in!

UPDATE: Each person who purchases a ticket to this event will receive a gift certificate for one FREE hour of styling services from Poplin Style. Whether you are a an existing client or are ready to dive in for the first time, the hour is just for you. This is a screaming deal (and VERY rare) with a value of $160. The Koa Club is cool. Here’s your chance to check it out.