Gonna Have a Good Day.

 Hazard Color Block Silk Dress by Karla Septic. Modi Operandi. Was: $670 Now: $335. Sales make me happy.

I am all about the music. If you put on just the right track, it inspires just the right outfit and inevitably just the right day. 

So, today, my Dear Reader, I am going to give you a little window into the life of this personal stylist. When I'm styling someone, I try to get into her head, to figure out what she REALLY wants to look like. Then, match that up with her body type and get her there. When I'm creating wish lists, I find it especially helpful to put on music that reminds me of that client. When I'm getting ready in the morning, if I can tear myself away from NPR, I gravitate toward something that is going to set me up for a successful day. 

So, let us begin.

 Marimekko Niks Pant. Marimekko. $195. Marimekko also makes me happy, as do bold print pants. Who says dresses should have all the fun?

Step 1. The perfect track. 

Might I suggest Good Day  for today's experiment? Studies show that viewing photos of kids, babies and animals actually makes us feel better. Now all those cat videos make perfect sense.

So the music is on, right?

 YES Bergamasco. Available in multiple colors. Solestruck. $174.95. This woman is clearly embracing the day.

Step 2. The perfect feeling.

During the initial consultation, I ask clients to come up with three words that they'd like people to use to describe their personal style. Then, we use these words as a filter when selecting pieces. This also helps me find just the right music to listen to when I'm envisioning the client's style. These words are aspirational. You can see examples of clients and their style key words here. 

So, choose some words that you'd like people to use to describe your personal style and let them guide you through the final step. 

 Kate Spade Saturday The A Satchel in Deer Dot Calf Hair. Saturday. $295. Your handbag is the ideal vehicle for integrating joy into every day.

Step 3. The perfect ensemble.

Let's say one of your words is happy. I hear this one a lot. And, I think the music is joyful which sets us up for success. Now, scan your closet and find pieces that represent, "joyful" to you. Bold prints or colors, fun jewelry, pieces that show that you don't take the world too seriously. All you need to do is integrate at least one of those pieces (usually one is sufficient) into today's outfit. Even the most basic ensemble, a t-shirt and jeans, can be livened up with one of your fun pieces. For example, bold flats, a bright scarf or attention-getting earrings. And off you go.

Need a little help with the final touches? Not to worry. That's what I'm here for. And putting outfits together with your new and existing pieces is one of my favorite past times. 

So, head out and have a very good day. 


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