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Date Night for the Authentic You.

As a personal stylist, I identify each client's body type and help her learn how to dress to flatter her figure. Equally important, I ask her a zillion questions to get to know who she is and how she sees herself in the world. The apex of this process is the identification of style key words. I ask each client to identify key words that she'd like people to use to describe her personal style. Then, we use those words as filters when determining what works best in her closet. You can see examples of these three words on the client page

These next few weeks are all about romance. Whether or not you are planning an outing on February 14th, the holiday's existence has likely inspired you to up your game for a night out. With that in mind, you, dear Reader, inspired me. Below you'll find ten pieces I adore that convey specific key words. Perhaps integrating them into your current collection will help you find your personal style. Need a little more guidance? That's what I'm here for.

The Authentic You on Date Night

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