What are the Best Jeans for my Body?

 Vince Mason Relaxed Rolled Denim. Vince. $220.

Finding jeans can be especially challenging. Once you find a brand you love, it's common to want to stick with that and just call it a day. But then, after a while, we all want something new, the style is discontinued or it suddenly doesn't fit like it used to. Regardless of the reasons, it can feel like we are on the perpetual hunt for denim. With that in mind, as your very own personal stylist, I thought I'd offer up some suggestions for the right pair of jeans for you right now. After all, fall is just around the corner. Off we go!


Flattering (and current) Jeans for Every Body

 Stretch Toothpick Jean in Ecru. J.Crew. $115. Also available in tall.

 Mother Cruiser Flare Jeans. Anthropologie. $230.

1. The inverted triangle. (your shoulders are broader than your hips)

If you have an inverted triangle shaped body, the key to looking your best is drawing attention to your lower half. If you must wear skinny jeans, opt for colored or textured options. Coated denim, grey or white jeans are current options. Distressed jeans, boyfriends jeans and light colored denim are especially current and flattering for you. Denim with detail on the front pockets or hips will create more curves and add visual interest on bottom. Those are really on trend. But, it's important you know. Otherwise, any style that balances your frame will do wonders. For instance: wide leg, flared leg or boyfriend are all great and on trend. If the jeans catch your eye, they are likely the jeans for you. 


 Paige Denim Canyon High Rise Bell Bottom Jeans. Nordstrom. $189.

2. The triangle. (your hips are broader than your shoulders)

If your lower half is the natural focal point of your body, balance your frame visually by drawing the eye up. When it comes to jeans, this means the darker and more subdued the better. Wide leg or flared options are best as they balance your hips and are all the rage for fall. If you carry more weight in your stomach, be sure to go for a higher waist option to avoid a muffin top. If you love skinnies, stick with dark denim or black, if you can. Sure you can wear boyfriend jeans, but just understand that the loose fit can make you look bigger than you actually are. If you really want to go for colored options, distressed, boyfriend jeans or anything that isn't ideal for your frame, please do. Just be sure to wear something eye-catching up top to ensure that your dominant half is not home to the focal point of your outfit. For instance, when rocking light colored distressed boyfriend jeans, pair with a light colored tee with a deep v which draws attention because of the light color and the proportion of skin.


 Vince Riley Light Wash Skinny Jean. Vince. $195.

 MiH Casablanca Petite Flared Jeans. Anthropologie. $99.

3. The hourglass. (your hips and shoulders are aligned and your waist is your smallest point)

Let's face it, the goal for an hourglass figure is to not mess up what God gave you. Show off your body and enjoy the freedom to rock a variety of styles. If you carry weight in your stomach, be sure to opt for higher waisted options. Alternatively, if you are short-waisted, go for a lower rise pant to keep your vertical proportions in check. Enjoy!

 678 Fit & Flare Jeans. The Limited. Was: $79 Now: $39.

4. The diamond. (your hips and shoulders are aligned and your waist is your widest point)

In this case, you want to draw attention to your arms and legs and away from your mid point in order to visually balance your frame. You can never go wrong with a wide leg or flared option with a high waist. Straight legs work, too. Tapered or skinnies aren't ideal. But, if you love them, pair them with something that draws attention either to your vertical middle (for example a black top with a white stripe from your neck down) or highlights your arms (try a black top with white sleeves). Colored or textured jeans are lovely on you as are ankle length options. If you have a wider backside, opt for jeans with simple pockets in back that are closer together, drawing the eye inward and creating the illusion of a narrower backside. Avoid contrast stitching, flaps, buttons and anything else that draws attention to your rear. 


 Alexa Chung for AG Revolution Kick Flare Jeans. Anthropologie. $198.

 Flea Market Flares: Button Front Edition. Madewell. $135 + free gift with purchase.

5. The rectangle. (your hips and shoulders are aligned and you do not have a clearly defined waist)

As a personal stylist, I help my clients with rectangle body shapes create the illusion of curves using their clothing. The idea is to add feminine touches and ensure your outfit has several focal points that ideally emulate an hourglass figure. For jeans, flares work best. But, like the hourglass, you are welcome to try any style. To make your entire look more feminine, try textured or coated jeans, or other alternatives to the standard blue jeans. Also, go for pockets with embellishments, buttons or contrast stitching to draw attention to your bum. To give the illusion of curvier hips, jeans with contrast stitching in front and on the sides do the job. That look is not super current, but it's helpful to know what works for your body and you can determine what works best with your personal style. Need help? That's what I'm here for!


 Objects Without Meaning High Rise Jean. Glasswing (Seattle!). $186

 MOTO Black Acid Joni Jeans. Topshop USA. $65.

6. Extra weight in the middle.

Regardless of your body type, if you carry extra weight in your stomach, you'll want to opt for higher waisted jeans. Lucky for you, these are crazy popular right now. If the rise is too low, you'll develop a muffin top even if your shirt is flowy and covering your stomach. Again, a flare or wide leg will balance this out, but is not necessary if that isn't your jam. Of course, dark wash jeans make your lower half look slimmer, in general. 


 Paige Hidden Hills Petite Bootcut Jeans. Anthropology. $179.

6. Extra curves in back.

If you also are curvy in back, opt for jeans with a wider band and two buttons (rather than just one). You'll find that these help you avoid the gap in the back of your jeans. If you find that your jeans fit everywhere, but you still have the gap, just pop over to the tailor and have that taken in. You'll be shocked at the impact this simple step can make. Embrace these curves! Choose jeans that show off your shape. If you'd like to minimize your bum, opt for lower and wider pockets in back sans embellishment or contrast stitching. If the pockets are too small, they simply make your back side look wider. If your bum is wide, choose pockets that are closer together. They create the illusion of a narrower backside by drawing the attention inward. And, go for a darker wash if you'd like your bottom half to look slimmer overall. 

 Vince Denim Cargo Pant. Vince. $195.

 Hudson Jeans Ginny Crop Stretch Jeans (Stella). Nordstrom. $189.

7. A lack of curves in back.

If you wish you had more going on in back, you can give the illusion that you do by choosing the right jeans. Opt for those with pockets that draw attention to your rear. Flap pockets, contrast stitching, buttons, make all the difference. 


 7 For All Mankind Denim Culottes. Nordstrom. Was: $198 Now: $132.

8. Short or long waisted.

When a woman is short waisted or long waisted, she can face ever-present challenges looking for pants. Here's what to do: If you are short waisted (the distance between your shoulders and your natural waist is shorter than average), go for low rise jeans. This creates the illusion that your waist is longer and balances out your vertical proportions. If you are long waisted (the distance between your shoulders and your natural waist is longer than average), do the opposite. A higher waisted jean will create a shorter torso. 


And there you have it. At Poplin, we make a personalized password protected webpage for every client. The page includes an exhaustive list of what cuts are most flattering for that client's body. It's a handy reference tool that is easily accessible via your handheld or mobile device while shopping out on the town or online. More on that...

Now, it looks like it's time to head out for a pair of jeans. Need help? That's what I'm here for. Keep in mind that this fall, wide leg, flare and distressed jeans are the main themes. So, if these work for your body AND your personal style, pick up a pair. Not sure if you are ready to branch out from your skinnies? Choose a more affordable option at first and if they become part of your rotation, pick up a more quality pair. Enjoy!

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