My Favorite Things Right Now.

  Kork-Ease Berit Wedge Sandal. Available in black, golden sand tan, vapor grey. Nordstrom. $174.95.


It's been too long. As you may have noticed, I took a bit of a break from the blog to focus on clients and family. But now I'm back full force. As it is Sunday, I'd normally kick things off with a Seattle Sunday post featuring a local brand, boutique or stylish person. However, I feel a bit of separation anxiety from you, Dear Reader, so instead I'm going to share all the things I've been obsessing over for the past few weeks.

Before I begin, let me say that I'm also in the throes of planning for the year. So, if you have a special love for a type of blog post (Seattle Sunday, plus size, kids fashionmenswear, style tips, pick me ups, etc.) please feel free to reach out. I'd love to incorporate your feedback into my planning. With that, off we go!

My Favorite Things Right Now

 Maguba Paris Orange clog in the Mix of Orange Leather and Suede. Magma. $149.

1. Maguba Clogs

If you follow Poplin on Instagram (and I sure hope you do), you've already had a glimpse of my brilliant new clogs handmade in Sweden. I've been looking for the perfect pair of clogs for several years. I want them to be hip. But, of course, I also need them to be comfortable. I also have a special love for natural wood soles, although in my experience those get dirty quickly, so it's a love/hate thing. I discovered Magubas three days before Christmas and it took everything in me to try not to order them immediately. (I managed to hold off for two days.) Here's the thing: YOU control your clog. YOU, that's right YOU (or in this case me) choose the style of the upper, the shape of the sole (flat, wedge, heel) and the type of sole (natural, brown, black). And, this goes way beyond clogs. Everything is handmade in less than five days and shipped to you. A pair is generally under $150. Yup. $150. I've been rocking mine for a week and they are crazy comfortable. I vote yes.

 Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush. Available in multiple colors. Amazon. $8.95.

2. The Wet Brush

Our 10 year-old niece introduced me to the Wet Brush a few years ago. If she could, she'd be a spokesperson for the company. Luckily, I found my very own Wet Brush under the tree this year. (Thanks, Talia!) If your hair is curly or challenging to detangle, this is the brush for you. I'm not sure how it all works, but for whatever reason, when you brush your wet hair, the bristles seem to collapse when they hit a tangle. And yet, by the time you are done, you are tangle-free. Ah, science. Personally, I think this is game changer if you struggle to brush or comb your child's hair post bath. I'll say it again: game changer. 

 2015 Monday First Color Choice. Neu Year. $24.

 The Week Dominator Pre Order. Neu Year. $32.

3. The Neu Year Calendar

Few things are as motivating and enlightening as planning for the year. I'm a visual person (you might have guessed), so I really appreciate seeing the entire year at one time. This also means that I'm restricted to the sad design of most giant wall calendars. No more! Last Christmas I discovered the Neu Year Calendar. I gave one away to a reader and purchased one for myself. Life changing! This year, I ordered one that can be used with dry erase markers and the brand new Week Dominator. Yes, I'm all about the Google calendar. However, there's nothing like seeing the work load for the year all at once. And, the Week Dominator (scheduled to ship later this month) makes to-do lists that much more organized. Love. 

 Mother Cruiser Flare Jeans. Anthropology. $210.

 Frame Denim Le High Flare High Waist Jeans (Hardy) Available in multiple washes, listed separately on the site. Nordstrom. $219.

4. 70's Inspired Jeans 

I'm really in a zone with 70's inspired pieces. Of course, there's a fine line between referencing the hip elongating pieces of the decade and just looking like you jumped out of a time machine. Obviously, the first option is more desirable.

Most specifically, I'm loving flared jeans. Not just boot cut, but flared. Flared with heels. Let me be clear here, there is no flare without heels unless you truly are opting for the hippie vibe, which is fine if you are more interested in the vibe than making your body look incredible. Flared jeans balance out larger hips and back sides, as long as you are wearing a heel. If not, they make you look shorter and a bit frumpy, pooling at the ground. If you are curvy on the bottom, darker shades are best. Or, if you love a light wash (I'm especially into grey jeans right now), go for something with a wow factor up top and perhaps a v-neck, making you appear even longer. 

The Mother jeans above have a lower rise than the Frame Denim option. Be sure you are cognizant of the rise when selecting pants. Lower rise elongates your torso (great for short waisted ladies) and higher rise can control your stomach, for those who carry weight in the middle. 

 Kork-Ease Berit Wedge Sandal. Available in black, golden sand tan, vapor grey. Nordstrom. $174.95.

5. Kork-Ease Berit Wedge Sandal

Anthropologie recently decided to stop carrying shoes in their brick-and-mortar stores. Not to worry, they carry them online — although it is definitely more challenging to buy shoes online. However, when I saw these wedges from Kork-Ease, I knew I had to have them. As a personal stylist, a large percentage of my clients request comfortable shoes. My challenge is to find functional shoes that are also hip and fashionable. I love Nordstrom for the return policy and re-souL for the beautifully curated, high-quality selection. 

Clients also know how much I adore Kork-Ease. The brand introduced the original cork sole and the super comfortable soles make life so much easier. After running around the city in these, I couldn't be happier. And now, they are offered at Nordstrom, allowing you more ease for returns than Anthro. The best part, they are ideal with the flared jeans above. 

 A few of the ladies at the Poplin Style Direction table at the 2014 YouthCare Luncheon. See some familiar faces?

6. Giving Back.

You know how much I adore YouthCare, the local nonprofit organization that supports homeless youth. We just scheduled all the styling sessions for the year and we're more than doubling the number of graduates from the Barista Training Program who will attend styling sessions in 2015. Plus, there's the YouthCare Luncheon on Thursday, March 19th. Poplin will once again host a table. 

Beyond that, I'm also THRILLED to be partnering with F-Factor this year. You'll soon see a Seattle Sunday post on this organization, which provides fashion workshops for foster kids and abandoned youth. 

I'm often chatting with clients about the importance of feeling like your clothes truly express who you are. When you feel good about how you look, you are more confident and can focus on other things rather than worrying about your body or presentation. It's a blessing to have the opportunity to help youth who likely haven't had the guidance or the resources to cultivate an authentic personal style begin such a journey. YouthCare and now the F-Factor — certainly two of my absolutely favorite things. 

So, there you have it. Just a few of my very favorite things right now. My plan is to continue to post my current favorites periodically in blog posts. Let me know if that appeals to you and I can write it on my Neu Year calendar!


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