How Do I Style Ankle Boots? Part 1 of 2.

If you caught my recent post about what to wear with ankle boots, you might have a follow up question: How do I actually style ankle boots? Well, Dear Reader, as a personal stylist, I've heard this question repeatedly from clients in recent weeks. So, here's a breakdown to help you get dressed each day.


The Ankle Boot Conundrum: How Exactly Does this Whole Thing Work?

(Part 1 of 2... because there is a whole lot to learn.)

 rag & bone Skinny Stretch Jeans (Preston). Nordstrom. $198.

1. Tuck in your skinny and/or tapered pants.

First up, tucking in your skinnies and/or tapered pants. If you find that your skinnies are an odd length and you can't figure out if you should tuck your pants into your ankle boot or keep them outside, let's discuss your options. Tucking the pant in is just fine. Over your sock, into your boot. This approach shows off your boots. Although, depending on the length of your boot, this may cut off your legs visually. Of course, you can also do this with leggings. 

 Colmer Leather Pant. All Saints. $900.

2. Leave your pants out over your ankle boot.

This is not as trendy, but of course, you can do it. If you do, it will likely do some favors for your body. The thing is this: there are ways to dress that make your body look better. And, there are ways to dress that are current and/or trendy. Sometimes, those have overlap. Sometimes, they don't. YOU get to choose which option you are choosing each day. Don't let the world boss you around. If you are in the loop, you can make educated choices for yourself. And, my job is to keep you in the loop. 

So, skinnies, bootcut or straight leg pants can all be worn over your boot. When opting for this approach, it won't be clear to viewers how tall your boots are. This can be a blessing as it will allow you to elongate your legs rather than cutting them off visually.

 Free People High Rise Tuxedo Leggings. Nordstrom. $78.

3. Wear ankle length pants with ankle boots and no show socks.

Showing off skin is a great way to draw attention to a specific part of your body. For inverted triangles, this is a strategic approach to dressing. This is also very on trend. If your socks are showing, that will likely cover up your skin and the whole thing can end up a bit chaotic. Although, it can absolutely be done. But, this bold step is not for the faint of heart. Unless you consider yourself a fashion risk-taker, hide the socks in this situation.

 rag & bone The Dre Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans. Nordstrom Exclusive. Nordstrom. Was: $220 Now: $131.

4. Roll up your pants or jeans and pair with ankle boots and no show socks.

For the same effect as #3, simply make ankle-lenght pants yourself by rolling your jeans. You've likely seen this around. If you struggle with getting your jeans to stay rolled, try an ankle length pair then roll. Less fabric means the denim is lighter and won't succumb to gravity so easily.

 Axelle Dress. Need Supply. $295.

5. Wear a skirt or dress with ankle boots and ankle socks.

Believe it! Think Topshop. Your legs are bare. (If you need guidance on super white legs, check out this blog post). Your socks are an integral part of your outfit and act as an extension of the boot. Very on trend, this is a bold move. Your boots and socks are shortening your legs visually. But, hey, the combo is super cool and people will undoubtedly notice both. If you are a fan, jump on this now. When things cool off, you'll likely not be so crazy about bare legs.

 Dress with detail on the collar. Zara. $59.90.

6. Try a skirt or dress with ankle boots and no show socks.

Same idea except this time your socks are hidden from view. Although, if your boots have a wide shaft people can likely still see your socks inside, so ensure they are black. Because you aren't wearing socks that effectively add height to your boot, your leg won't be cut off as much. So, there's that. Still, this is very on trend.

Need more tips on how to style ankle boots? Not to worry. There's plenty where that came from. See part 2 of 2


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