Seattle Sunday: I Heart My Dry Cleaner.

 My May 2014 Clothing Swap finds including that glorious blue coat sans the stain!

Boutiques, makers, designers, they are inspiring, for sure. But, without a good dry cleaner, it all falls short. 

As a personal stylist, clients, readers and friends often ask me for recommendations for skincare, haircare, tailors and of course, dry cleaners. This one, is by far my favorite. So, I thought, why not share the love with you, Dear Reader?


My Favorite Dry Cleaner: Bon Ton Cleaners in Ballard

1. Because I need someone that can understand complex instructions.

Last year, our dear friend, Rupali, hosted a clothing swap to benefit YouthCare. My goal was not to leave the swap with any new items. But, of course, it was unavoidable. There were so many lovely pieces! Anyway, I walked out of there with a fabulous vintage coat. It had a giant stain and had a button missing. But, it was worth the risk. So, I took it to Bon Ton. I asked them to remove the stain and if it came out, replace the button. After all, why pay to sew a button on if there is still a stain, right? 

I believe the phrase is shock and awe. The stain was gone after who knows how many years AND the button was sewn nicely on. Yes! As it turns out, Bon Ton is known for stain removal, spot cleaning and alterations. 

2. Because I'd like to be able to park easily.

You often hear people say that they, "ran into the cleaners." That's real. That's what people do. They run in. Or, at least, they want to run in. If they can find a place to park, that is. The shop is located in Ballard (near Fred Meyer) and parking is easy.

3. Because I like nice people.

Manners are important to me. I truly appreciate common courtesy and good service goes a long way. Whether it's a member of the charming family who owns Bon Ton or one of their sweet employees, everyone is so very kind. With over 30 years of experience, that's no surprise. The patriarch of the crew offers my son candy from their taffy jar every time. It sounds creepy when I write it, but I promise, it is quite endearing.

4. Because they are open until 7PM & offer same day pick up .

Yes! People need to work to pay for dry cleaning. And, a shop that closes early is somehow forgetting that. Swing by (because parking is so easy), say, "hello" to a very nice person who can handle complex instructions and do it all after 6PM. 

If you need something for tomorrow? Not a problem. Drop off your items before 10AM and you can pick them up after work. Seriously. 

Welcome to pure bliss. 

5. Because, as it turns out, there's more to dry cleaning than clothing.

Upholstery, curtains, comforters, rugs, oh my! How about your wedding dress? It can be challenging to find a dry cleaner who embraces these unwieldy requests. Bon Ton has you covered.

6. Because savings are key.

They've got a 10% off coupon on their site. That's just good business.


In the event that visiting the dry cleaner is on your to-do list, let's hope this makes life a little easier. Have a cleaner that YOU love? Do tell! 


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