Simple (and Inexpensive) Steps to Up Your Game.

 Amina Loungers. Anthropologie. $49.50. (This is the second most expensive thing on the list!)

Few things are as inspiring and pleasing as seeing a really put together person on the street. It's like a little surprise. You're walking along and unexpectedly you see something (or someone) dashing, perhaps even a bit glamorous, that freezes the moment. When this happens, I often want to take a photo to document such a glorious display of fashion sense and personal style. Usually, I keep it to simply complimenting the person, which I'd encourage. Everyone leaves happy. After all, we all benefit from seeing something beautiful. And to me, fashion is a form of artistic expression. Anyway, enough of my musings. Let's get to the practical portion of this post, shall we?

In stark contrast to this euphoria, is that moment when you notice that the sophisticated fella who looks like he just walked out of an issue of Esquire is carrying a floral reusable grocery bag.  Recycling- sexy. Carrying a super feminine woman's reusable grocery bag- not so much. (Unless, of course, he's carrying it for the woman he is walking with, which is pretty much the most attractive thing ever.)

As your personal stylist, I want to help prevent you, Dear Reader, from making these mistakes that keep you from realizing your true, very stylish and authentic, potential. Don't worry, they don't cost much.


Ways to Up Your Game Right Now. 

 Knalla Bag. Ikea. $2.49 Ikea Family Price: $1.99

 Knalla Carry On Bag. Available in black, red pattern, grey pattern. $1.49 Ikea Family Member Price: $.99.

1. Replace your reusable grocery bags.

There's really no reason to carry a smorgasbord of random branded grocery bags. And, you don't need to spend a huge amount to take action. There are zillions of options out there. Consider buying all the same color or print and just replace all your bags at once. If you tend to use around 6 bags for groceries, invest in all 6 at once. I use these from Ikea. At a dollar each, you really can't say, "no."

I like them because they are fun and feminine. Plus each bag easily fits in my clutch and (just like at the airport) each is also effortless to identify as my own. My husband tends to do most of our grocery shopping, so he has the black set, also from Ikea. Totally masculine, sophisticated and again, crazy cheap. 

 Zoya Natural Nail Polish. Available in multiple colors. Also sold at Vixen Day Spa. $9.

 Otter Wax Leather Care Kit. re-soul. $29.

2. Love your feet.

Yes, it rains an awful lot here. And, yes, that means we are likely rocking closed toed shoes most of the year. But, don't be fooled. The vast majority of Seattle-ites in my world ask that you remove your shoes before you enter the house. In theory, you'll likely keep your socks on. But, do yourself a solid and just give yourself a pedicure anyway. You'll feel better and it's a lovely feminine touch that makes you feel good. It's sort of like that theory about making the bed everyday. Even if everything goes awry, at least your bed is made. If you are horrified by your outfit, your evening or really anything else, at least your toes look beautiful. 

Equally important, shine your shoes. You'd be surprised how much cash you can save if you just give the shoes you already have some love. As I've mentioned before, my husband and I have a routine: when I paint my nails, he shines shoes. Check out the Otter Wax over at re-soul. It's all natural and smells good. re-soul co-owner Maggie told me that some fellas even use it in their hair. Ah, Seattle. So cool. 

 Topshop Marled Jogger Pants. Nordstrom. $60.

 Heat tech Lounge Dress. Available in multiple colors. Uniqlo. $29.90. Did you see the pockets?!

3. Loungewear is for lounging or at least offering the appearance of lounging. Either start sweating to justify your sweats- or start lounging. 

When we walk in the door after a long day, often the very first thing we do is remove our shoes. Next up, change into something, "more comfortable." Yes! More comfortable is essential. Do it! Oh, wait, not that exactly. Joggers, leggings, yoga pants.... Those all can work. Just think about how long you've had them and how worn they look. Perhaps a new pair is in order? I love jersey nightgowns. Add a cardigan or a pullover sweater for a cozy and feminine look.

The key is this: When you swing by the mirror as you dash around the house cleaning, working, texting and you glance in the mirror, ask yourself: Do I like what I see?

Upping your loungewear game makes you feel more confident and beautiful. Rest assured that will come out as you interact with the other folks in your house. Another tip: If you are concerned about weight gain in any particular area, avoid clothes that are constricting, thereby reminding you of that area repeatedly. As a triangle, this should highlight why I love nightgowns (as opposed to pants) so very much.

Now, off to paint my nails....


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