How Do I Style Ankle Boots Part 2 of 2.

Ankle boots are all the rage. But, trying to master how to rock the current trend can be perplexing, too. As your personal stylist, I'm here to help. Now, if you missed it, take a look at part 1 of this 2 part blog post. 


And, now, even more ways to style your ankle boots. 


7. Cold weather time, rock a skirt or dress with tights or hosiery and ankle boots.

Now this is where the magic happens. After all, it's cold and if you happen to forget to shave your legs, it's not the end of the world. Textured tights draw attention to your legs and add a level of complexity to your outfit. Just be sure you are keeping that in mind when putting everything together. After all, you've got several focal points already in your outfit- ankle boots, tights (if a different color), dress and perhaps jewelry and/or a scarf. Remember to edit. 

 Monki Wide Leg Belted Pant at ASOS. ASOS. $75.80.

8. Feeling daring? It's time for ankle boots and culottes.

Personally, this is my go-to look right now. Is it ideal for your body shape? Not likely. But, I'm totally into it. Feel free to wear no-show socks or let your ankle socks peek out from your boots. As you are already breaking up your leg and therefore appearing shorter, I find that wearing the same color of pants and boots is the most flattering approach. Try either an oversized sweater or a crop top with culottes and ankle boots. The crop top at least gives dimension to your shape and depending on the length of the top can show off your waist. An oversized sweater can easily make you look sloppy and absolutely hides your curves. In this case, add a vest, a bold necklace or at least make sure that every piece in your ensemble feels high end. 

 Shirt Jumpsuit. Need Supply. $495.

9. Right now. A Jumpsuit and ankle boots.

By now, you have either purchased your first jumpsuit or are well on your way. With that in mind, remember that styling is key. Your jumpsuit is a full length pair of pants, after all. So, use the guidance above to style it. Some jumpsuits can be rolled, some (depending on fabric stiffness and style) absolutely cannot. Don't be afraid to spend a little time with your mirror figuring it out. Also, remember that layering is a glorious thing. But, layering with jumpsuits means more complicated visits to the WC. So, add in extra time when you go:)

 Skunkfunk Danele. Skunkfunk. $109.

Overall, think about your proportions and what this look does to your body visually. 

1. Wearing ankle boots that are the same color as your hosiery or pants elongates your legs. Nude ankle boots have a similar effect, although not as effectively as a monochromatic leg. In contrast, wearing boots that are a different color from your pants or hosiery will visually break up your leg. 

2. If you carry your weight in your bottom half (hello triangles!), a heavy ankle boot can weigh you down even more. Of course, they can be done. But take care to draw attention to your top half, as well.

Now you are ready to go! Have questions about which tights or hosiery to wear? Check out a previous post on the subject. 

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