Pinup Salon: City Skills with a Small Town Feel

As a personal stylist for women in the Seattle area, I get lots of questions about style. As we move further into the styling process, I start to get lots more questions about everything else. From hair to skincare to philanthropy and summer camps for kids: You name it. I've been asked about it. 

So, when I'm able to offer up another option for clients and readers, I'm elated. After all, I only recommend what I truly love. As each client has her own unique personal style, it's vital that I connect her with resources that are right for her. Enter Pinup Salon.

Pinup Salon: Why I'm Into It.

5 Real Life Fashion Hacks that Will Make Your Life Much Easier

As a personal stylist for women, I've discovered that the smallest issues are often the ones that really derail our days. Surprisingly, the average office doesn't employ a tailor. I often tell our 7 year old, there's always a solution. You may not like it. But there is one. The same is also true for fashion mishaps. Hopefully, these will fall under the, "I'm so glad I know this," column. 

5 Fashion Hacks to Save the Day

What I'm Wearing Now.

I have conversations all day, everyday about clothes. Seriously. Frequently, I'm just chatting with someone on the street or at the coffee shop before a client consultation and I find myself writing down details of a particular item that I'm wearing so they can go grab one for themselves. No more! I'm all about efficiency, my friend. 

So, we now have a section of the website devoted to What I'm Wearing Now.

Hey! What are you Wearing?

Hello, Dear Reader! 

I'm still feeling the glorious effects of the Poplin client party. As you know, Naked Truth Beauty and Everling Jewelry were really the stars of the show. Over the summer I've become completely enamored with NTB and have been wearing the lips, eyes and beam (or just the lips/cheeks) plus moisturizer with SPF everyday. That's it. No foundation. No concealer. NTB really swept me off my feet. 

I had become pretty comfortable with

Win a Bottle of My Favorite Primer!

If you follow Poplin on Instagram, you've likely seen my immersion into the world of Arbonne. It all started with a chance encounter with a very stylish woman at a coffee shop in Pioneer Square. The next thing I knew, we made plans to get together so I could try out Arbonne, a company with a wide range of products sold in five countries that are eco friendly and meet European standards.

Fun Fact: The FDA does not require cosmetics products and ingredients to have approval before they go to market, although there are regulations that apply for interstate commerce. So, the European standards are a helpful guide.

Helen (as I discovered this very stylish woman was named) trains Arbonne reps. To avoid retail mark up, Arbonne is sold be representatives and online. Having been in desperate need of a new makeup routine, I decided to ask Helen for a makeup lesson using all Arbonne products. That was among my very best ideas. But, before I'd have a crack at the makeup, Helen suggested I sample the entire skincare routine for a week and see what I thought of the products.

And so began my adoration for Arbonne. In fact, I love it SO much, that I'm giving away a bottle of the stellar primer. More on that later. For now, let's focus on why you might want to take a look at Arbonne.


5 Reasons to Try Arbonne Right Now

One More Time: The Winner of the Free Cut & Color is.....

You know how much I love giving things away, don't you. Oh, so much. Like everyone, I suppose. I have an old friend who often says, "don't take away the joy of giving." Translation: say thank you. Enjoy it. 

So, I'd like to start off this Tuesday with announcing a winner who I hope will enjoy this prize as much as I'm enjoying giving it away.


A Free Cut & Color courtesy of (My Stylist) Karen Reichert

at the Collage Salon. 

How You Should REALLY be Shampooing Your Hair.

There's nothing more exciting than discovering a new hair trick in a magazine. Not surprisingly, there's nothing more disappointing than discovering that the new miracle trick doesn't actually apply to you. We've all been there. It's not you, it's the technique or the product. This is why I'm thrilled to share some of local hair stylist Karen Reichert's tips on shampooing. If you have yet to hear about Karen, you and I have been out of touch too long. 

We're giving away a free cut and color from Karen and the winner will be announced tomorrow! (Friday, May 19, 2016 on this blog.) Sign up to receive the Poplin email for one entry and like Poplin on Facebook for another. Learn more here. For now, let's jump right to what you really need to know about shampooing your hair. Go!

My 10 Favorite Things Right Now

It's been a while since I've sent out a list of my very favorite things. Let's be clear. I am absolutely addicted to a laundry list of items. As a personal stylist for women, my goal is to write blog posts that help you maintain a personal style that is authentic to you. Your look should communicate who you are and be functional for your life. My favorite things are a collection of items that encompass who I am. Ideally, you'll find that some of them speak to you, as well. As always, I love to know what you think and hear about some of your favorite things. Off we go!


My 10 Favorite Things Right Now

Win a Free Haircut & Color From One of My Favorite Hair Stylists

When the time comes to upgrade your look and ensure you are rocking your authentic personal style everyday, it's often also time to update your hair and makeup. For this reason, I'm always on the lookout for the very best hair and skin gurus to recommend. As a personal stylist, my clients are asking and it's important to me that I have the answers. When I find someone I love, I want to shout it from the rooftops. In the virtual world, that means writing a post. And, when I'm especially enthusiastic, I'll ask for a giveaway for my readers. After all, you make it all happen. 

So, here's your chance to enter to win a free cut and color with one of my very favorite hair stylists, Karen Reichert at the Collage Salon in Belltown.

Super Cool Stuff by Super Cool People

My goodness, the world is filled with talented people doing incredible things! I feel like my Facebook feed is blowing up with stellar achievements by friends. As a personal stylist, recommendations are a big part of my job. And, right now, I have so many recommendations for you, Dear Reader, simply based on a handful of inspirational people around me. Whether you find better hair, films, music, jewelry or more, here's a handy list of what some people I love are doing right now that can benefit you. 


Super Cool Stuff by Super Cool People for

Super Cool People (that's you!) 

Vain's Scott Tomlinson Offers Up 3 Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Hair.

As a personal stylist for women in Seattle, I am regularly asked for recommendations for hair, skin, tailors. interior designers, you name it- someone has asked me about it. You know how I feel about clothes, Dear Reader. Recognizing your authentic personal style means that when you are rocking the pieces that you KNOW are just right for you and your body, you will be filled with confidence. Even better, you'll spend your time thinking about how you plan to change the world, rather than why your skirt keeps riding up.

Undoubtedly, your hair and your wardrobe are pieces of the same puzzle. With that in mind, I reached out to my our long time (as in he's spent years doing my hair as well as cutting my husband's) meticulous stylist, Scott Tomlinson at Vain Ballard. If you haven't already seen him in the window at Vain, you surely will now. Scott's attention to detail is unmatched and he's built a hefty following around the world with his expertise in short haircuts. Hairbrained reposted a photo of one of his cuts on Instagram as a favorite from the HBShoot Out. Translation: Hair professionals and hair junkies agree, he's got talent. Time for tips!


3 Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Hair

My Favorite Things Right Now.

Hello again, Dear Reader!


I've missed you. As a personal stylist, I work with clients to ensure a level of personal care. It's vital that we all take a step back, take some time to regroup and invest in ourselves. I couldn't face you if I didn't do the same. So thank YOU for your patience and support as I took a little break. I'm officially back full force and just in time for fall fashion. Let's begin with some of my favorite things right now.


My Favorite Things Right Now.

Seattle Sunday: Because of Chantelle Riley, my Hair Will NEVER be the Same.

Okay, okay. Seattle Sunday on a Tuesday? Well, this was a jam packed weekend volunteering with the F-Factor Fashion and Fitness workshop for foster girls at Ryther Child Center on Saturday. Then, one of my lovely clients co-hosted a Clothing Swap to benefit Youthcare on Sunday. Needless to say, Seattle Sunday was put on hold.

However, if I could shout Chantelle Riley's name from the rooftop every morning, I would. So, I couldn't bear to wait another week to tell you all about Chantelle and my hair. 

From Brittle to Beautiful:

Chantelle Changed my World (via my hair)

Must Know Now: Spring Trends that are Right for You Right Now.

While I am well aware that this uncharacteristically warm weather is not good for the world, it has been magical for the wardrobe. On my visit to the the Finerie Colab last week (I hope you've been- apparel including lots of local designers, housewares, design, oh my!), team member Jeannie said to me, "you look like the perfect balance of spring and winter."

Thank you very much, Jeannie.

Upon reflection, I realize that's not an easy tightrope to walk. As your very own personal stylist, I thought I'd share some of spring's trends with you, Dear Reader. And, of course, how to rock them right now. Enjoy!

Spring Fashion Trends You Can Wear Today.

Let's do this.

The Dapper Man and Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is designed to take some time to enjoy the ones we love, or at least that's what they tell us. I like to think of it as a nice opportunity to put in a little extra effort to look and feel smashing and ensure that if there is a fella in your life, he has the opportunity, rather than the obligation, to do the same.

Sometimes, that can be effortless. Frequently, it is not. So, if you or the gentleman in your life is struggling with February 14th, let me offer some guidance. 

The Dapper Man and Valentine's Day: From the Perfect Gift to Creating the Ideal Look

Seattle Sunday: Don't Call Me Ma'am Offers Beauty at Every Age

Happy Sunday, Dear Reader. If you've been missing these Seattle Sundays, let me know. In 2014, I had a goal of a Seattle Sunday post every week. For 2015, you'll be seeing a local brand, boutique or maker every other week. Of course, when I discover something glorious, you'll be seeing that immediately on Instagram. (In fact, for those of you who follow Poplin on Instagram, you likely saw photos from the Don't Call Me Ma'am launch party.) Enough chit chat, let's get to the Redmond based brand.


The skincare bar at the Don't Call Me Ma'am Launch Party. Also the only people in the place authorized to wear makeup. 

When a skincare line is bold enough to throw a, "Naked Party," you know you can trust their equally bold point of view: natural beauty at every age. Oh, yes. I said a naked party. What's that, you say?

Invite local fashionistas to journey to a launch party sans makeup. Believe it. A room (mostly) filled with women who followed the directive. Lucky for those of us who did, skincare professionals from the company were waiting to give us a sample of the brand spanking new skincare line. I met another guest who became my BFF for the evening and had the opportunity to interview one of the company founders. As your very own personal stylist, it's only right that I share all my learnings with you. Here we go!


Don't Call Me Ma'am: Because You Value Your Skin and Your Time.