Vain's Scott Tomlinson Offers Up 3 Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Hair.

 Scott Tomlinson's handiwork from the Poplin Style Direction Video Shoot. Now that's some smooth hair.

As a personal stylist for women in Seattle, I am regularly asked for recommendations for hair, skin, tailors. interior designers, you name it- someone has asked me about it. You know how I feel about clothes, Dear Reader. Recognizing your authentic personal style means that when you are rocking the pieces that you KNOW are just right for you and your body, you will be filled with confidence. Even better, you'll spend your time thinking about how you plan to change the world, rather than why your skirt keeps riding up.

 Scott Tomlinson working his magic in the corner window at Vain Ballard.

Undoubtedly, your hair and your wardrobe are pieces of the same puzzle. With that in mind, I reached out to my our long time (as in he's spent years doing my hair as well as cutting my husband's) meticulous stylist, Scott Tomlinson at Vain Ballard. If you haven't already seen him in the window at Vain, you surely will now. Scott's attention to detail is unmatched and he's built a hefty following around the world with his expertise in short haircuts. Hairbrained reposted a photo of one of his cuts on Instagram as a favorite from the HBShoot Out. Translation: Hair professionals and hair junkies agree, he's got talent. Time for tips!


3 Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Hair


 DevaCurl No-Poo Lather Conditioning Cleanser. Nordstrom. 3 ounces for $8.95. Also available at  Vain .

 These pin curls were all Scott's idea. I explained the look I was going for (Marimekko dress with shoes from Solestruck) and he took it from there. Here I am at the Poplin Velouria party in June, 2014.

1. The Secret to Healthy Hair.

Having good long hair is all about the condition it's in. If you have long hair, stop using shampoo with foaming agents and switch to a zero lather alternative like Deva Curl's "No Poo." This will prevent the cumulative damage caused by excessively alkaline foaming agents. 

 See this bad ass haircut and more on  Instagram.

2. The Secret to Smooth Hair.

A great way to smooth hair is by using a flat brush with your blowdryer on a low heat and speed and doing a "wrap dry". Follow the brush with the blowdryer slowly while wrapping your hair around your head, first one direction, then the opposite, and across the top from side to side. Polish the dried straight hair with a light touch from the flat iron.

3. The Secret to finding the haircut that is just right for YOU.

Recognize that your visual lexicon consists of images of "great hair" you see from various media souces, and that there is no magical haircut that looks like that without anything being done to it (aside from extremely short barber style cuts). Be realistic about your own personal styling ability with your stylist so you can decide on a haircut that you are willing and able to style.


Now, Dear Reader, it's time to give your hair a little love. Off you go!

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