A Time of Change

 Jeffery Campbell Maverick 2 Boot. Sole Struck. $214.94

Editor's note: Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. 

Hello Dear Reader,

Lately I have been in the mood for change, for re-inventing parts of my life and getting used to the new direction I am on. I am in a space where I am looking to find things that inspire me on a daily basis and keeping me looking forward. I've pulled together a few things that are making me smile, think and enjoy this transition a little more each day.


A Bit of Change

 Rigid Backpack. Zara. $69.90.

1. A Stylish Backpack.

As the weather gets blustery and my bus books larger, I have been searching for a practical way to carry my stuff during my commute without lugging a big tote or an unseemly bag. So when I saw this adorable sleek backpack I knew I had hit the mark! With extra cute buckles to keep my lunch secure, a good mid size that holds essentials and not any extra throw ins, I am hoping this helps streamline my commuting essentials.


 Swirled Geode Knob. Anthropologie. $24.00.

2. Geodes.

These geode knobs remind of my vacations down to Arizona with my family. For years we have gone to Cave Creek and stayed next to a little shop that sells and curates geodes, rocks, petrified wood and every crystal you can think of. It is a dazzling place and the sharp beauty always startles me in the best way. These add a bit of that feeling of vacation, of reflection that I get while in the desert and the fluidity and imperfection of the shapes reminds me think that change can be good.


 High Waist Gray Metallic Knit Pencil Pant. JIBRI. $130.00.

3. A Modern Suit.

I've been looking to find pieces in my wardrobe that not only currently express me, but also represent where I want to go. This suiting set does that for me. With the metallic knit fabric and clean modern shape this is a fun way to do suiting. But it also is a powerful feminine shape that for me feels timeless and has the ability to take me into the hopeful next steps of my career.

 Ash Wood Cutting Board. Anthropologie Terrain. Comes in 4 Sizes. $28.00-64.00.

4. An Eye Catching Cutting Board.

Let me say something... I love to cook. Like a lot. And even though I am more of a small city girl than an urban or country girl I still love the idea of cozy cabins and trees all around. As long as there is an indoor bathroom. So when I saw these gorgeous cutting boards in a range of sizes I was won over. I love having something dual purpose (they make gorgeous presentation pieces for plates) and practical.  

 Cross Body Purse in Midnight Suede. Baggu. $120.00.

5. A Crossbody Bag.

Whether I am shopping out with friends or running errands it is mandatory that my hands are free, especially since most shoulder bags never seem to stay on my shoulder. This stunning blue number from NY based Baggu is the answer to practicality, beauty and longevity. Thus plus looking bag is perfect color wise for fall and winter but neutral enough to be used the rest of the year as well. It comes in a wealth of colors and if you have not checked out Baggu before they have the best reusable and cutest shopping totes.


Well dear readers, I hope you maybe found something of interest in my bit of transition shopping. I keep looking for inspiration around me, interesting clothing designs, new types of textures, gorgeous colors that make me want to curl up in them, and warm home designs. I wish you a smooth transition into fall, and happy shopping!

  Poplin Contributor and guru on plus size fashion, Jordan Richardson. Photo by Emily Dymond Photography.