What I'm Wearing Now.

I have conversations all day, everyday about clothes. Seriously. Frequently, I'm just chatting with someone on the street or at the coffee shop before a client consultation and I find myself writing down details of a particular item that I'm wearing so they can go grab one for themselves. No more! I'm all about efficiency, my friend. 

So, we now have a section of the website devoted to What I'm Wearing Now. The plan is to update it after conversations with folks to help direct them to specific pieces. It's also a nice place for you to go to see the pieces I'm loving or something close to it. I often wear things that I've had for years that are discontinued. But, I also pair them with newer pieces. Regardless, I'll do my best to show you what I've got, how to get it and/or how to pick up something similar just for you. Of course, be true to your personal style. Please enjoy this as a conversation between the two of us.