Genius tricks of the trade: Quick fixes for fashion mishaps

Yes! I did find this dress at a vintage store. Thanks for asking. I love it, too. Oh, the hem is coming out in back? Oh, dear.  Oddly, my office doesn't employ a tailor. 

With a long career doing public speaking, there were a number of times when I discovered that my hem had come loose or my button fell off immediately before heading off to present to hundreds of people.

So, over the years, I've discovered a number of quick fixes. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites:

 Ah, duct tape. Is there nothing it can't do? 

1. Problem: Loose hem. Quick fix: Duct tape. Yup. That's real. If the fabric is delicate, you can go with electrical tape. For coats or trousers made from heavier fabric, duct tape is best. It comes in several colors now, which is exciting. And, if you can't motivate yourself to hem your garment, it will stay on for years. At the office, masking tape might be your only option, but that doesn't last long, so head to the drug store pronto. 

2. Problem: Button on the floor instead of on your shirt. Quick fix: A paper clip. Unfold the paper clip and thread it through two of the holes on the button. Then, poke it through the holes where the thread had been and twist on the back. I wouldn't recommend this for a silk blouse or something that is meaningful to you as it will likely leave permanent holes. But, its' great for a coat on a cold winter's day or pants in a desperate situation.

 Coclico Tecla.  Burnt Sugar.  $425.

3. Problem: My shoes are killing me. Quick fix: Moleskin. This one comes directly from my hiker husband. After all these years of relying on bandaids to help when beautiful new shoes are rubbing the skin off of my feet, it turns out there's a MUCH better way. Stick moleskin pads directly on your foot before the blisters arrive (or after if you didn't make it in time). They stay on AND the difference is dramatic. 

If it all sounds just a little crazy.... Perhaps looking at this glorious boot will remind you why it is worth it.