Must Haves for Him: The Artifact leather lunch tote

The fall always reminds me of the beginning of the school year and stocking up on supplies. Looking for lunch boxes and bags for kids gets easier all the time. (My first lunchbox was a Bee Gees metal box when I was 5. I was very proud.) This got me thinking of my struggle last Christmas to find the perfect lunch bag for my husband.

He is a web designer and landscape photographer. He's also an incredible cook. What he is not- is someone who should be schlepping one of our reusable grocery bags to the office to hold his lunch.  

This was no easy task, but I was determined to get him the perfect lunch bag. And here it is: 

It's even cooler in person 10 months later. Better yet, it's made in Omaha, NE and there's a pretty great video that shares the story. I suppose this one could have also been filed under, "inspiration."

Things I love- great design and great service. And when we had some questions about cleaning the bag, Artifact's founder, Chris, responded immediately. Incredible quality and fantastic service. An absolute must have.