Fashion & Function: Staying warm on your wedding day

A huge thanks to the folks at Elegant Affairs for sharing Poplin with their blog readers. As a special thank you, today's blog post answers one of the most common questions brides ask: I have the perfect dress. Now, how do I stay warm on my wedding day?

Answer: The faux fur shrug.  Let's face it, few things are more on trend right now than leather, faux fur and animal prints. But you can bring an unexpected, sophisticated AND uber practical touch to your big day by rocking a quality (hand-made in Seattle!) shrug like these one from Foxglove Bridal. This one even has pouches for your hands!


 Leaving Union Station after the big event. Thank goodness for the warmth of a husband and a fur shrug.  

My wedding dress was covered in feathers. Yup. Feathers. I promise. It was awesome. But finding the perfect cover up was especially challenging as I wanted to highlight the dress. I knew that I'd end up in a cardigan if I discovered (as I often do) that I was cold at the last minute. And when it unexpectedly snowed on the big day, I was grateful that I brought a vintage fur shrug that I borrowed from my mom.  If you are interested, the interweb still has plenty of photos of our wedding day .

And, a fur or faux fur shrug is actually incredibly useful as the years go by- try it over a cocktail dress or an evening gown for special occasions. This classic, luxurious and yet practical go-to piece solves one big challenge for your wedding day and will likely do the same for many special occasions in the future.