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A Fresh Approach to the Closet Edit.

The first step in any style transformation is the Closet Edit. You need to know what you have, what you need and what you don't before you can move forward successfully. Otherwise, things just become overwhelming. I know I shouldn't be, but I'm always amazed at how transformational a Closet Edit can be for a client. Despite having fewer pieces (and sometimes, significantly fewer pieces), she should feel like she actually has more outfits. 

I recently learned that Amazon declared the second most popular book in 2015 as Marie Kondo's, "The Art of Tidying Up." No surprise there. I can't tell you how many women have hired me after reading the book and attempting to tackle their closets on their own. The book is motivating, to be sure. It focuses on simplifying your life rather than ensuring you are authentic to your personal style. Two different goals mean two different approaches. 

The Poplin approach focuses on your authentic personal style. This approach uses a client's body type, personal style and goals to determine what should and should not be in her collection. We also organize her closet by type, then by color to make creating outfits easier. I often tell clients that your closet should feel like a boutique curated just for you. Everything should fit, it should make you look and feel beautiful and communicate your personal style. I also organize my closet in this way.

However, I'm experimenting with my own closet and I'm confident that my new approach will be a helpful next step for some readers who are at the edit 2.0 level. Therefore, as we head into a long holiday weekend. This post is all about sharing. 

Re-engaging with Your Closet. You've Already Done the Edit, Now It's Time to Organize.

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The Winning Closet Edit Revealed.

As you may know, Dear Reader, every person who is on the Poplin Style Direction email list is entered into every drawing for Poplin prizes. That's right. Every time. So far, partners have given away a wide variety of items including handbags, children's clothing, and so much more. Naturally, I, too, joined the fun and offered up one complimentary Closet Edit

The winner was Ritee Sponsler. As a brand new mom of an exceptionally adorable little girl, Ritee opted to share her winnings with another friend, Kim Rooney. Kim is also a mom who was transitioning into a new position for a different company. Kim enthusiastically accepted and opted to upgrade to the Style Update Package. Lucky for us, Ritee offered to document the entire Closet Edit so that you, Dear Reader, would have a better picture of what a Closet Edit really means. 

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