The Winning Closet Edit Revealed.

 I told you she was adorable.

As you may know, Dear Reader, every person who is on the Poplin Style Direction email list is entered into every drawing for Poplin prizes. That's right. Every time. So far, partners have given away a wide variety of items including handbags, children's clothing, and so much more. Naturally, I, too, joined the fun and offered up one complimentary Closet Edit

The winner was Ritee Sponsler. As a brand new mom of an exceptionally adorable little girl, Ritee opted to share her winnings with another friend, Kim Rooney. Kim is also a mom who was transitioning into a new position for a different company. Kim enthusiastically accepted and opted to upgrade to the Style Update Package. Lucky for us, Ritee offered to document the entire Closet Edit so that you, Dear Reader, would have a better picture of what a Closet Edit really means. 

The Winning Closet Edit.

1. The Consultation.

As with all Poplin Style Direction services, we started with an interview. A few days before the edit, Kim and I met at a nearby coffee shop. I interviewed her for about an hour to determine her preferences, budget, style goals and to get to know her better. 

2. The Online Personalized Style Plan.

I create an online personalized style plan for every client. When I arrive for the appointment, the very first thing we do is sit down together and go over the information. Each client has his/her unique URL loaded with detailed descriptions of pieces that work and don't work for his/ her body. It also includes celebrities with similar body types, suggested retailers and so much more.

3. The Edit.

Armed with new knowledge of how to dress her body, Kim and I proceeded to her closet. Determining if items would stay, go or warranted more discussion, we went through all of her clothing. Next, we talked in more detail about pieces that she wasn't sure about. She also tried some on for more insight. All the maybes went back into the closet facing the opposite direction and she'll work to wear them over the next 3 weeks. If not, they are out!

Kim opted to donate the items that she would be parting with. It's important that clients have time to process the discards and I usually suggest they wait a few days in case there is a piece they truly can't part with. However, it's important to note that a dress that is hanging in the back of your closet for years can have a new life helping a homeless youth rock a job interview, for instance. Often, putting things in perspective can make a real impact. 

4. Next steps.

After wrapping up the Closet Edit, Kim and I went shopping and a few weeks later, I created outfits for her from her new pieces. I also sent over a wish list to fill in the items we didn't find when shopping that would supplement her wardrobe. I've included a link to sample outfits and a sample wish lists to help fill in the gaps. 

Overall, it was a lovely experience. Kim was ready to start fresh and was open to learn more about dressing for her figure and her lifestyle. We had extraordinary success at the Limited and Nordstrom and she looks like the successful professional mom that she is. 

An enormous thanks to our talented photographer, Ritee Sponsler. Interested in your very own consultation? Just let me know. 


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