Style Essentials: The Contents of Your Summer Handbag

When it comes to handbags, I've got two kinds of clients: Those who only use one or two bags, and those who fully embrace handbags as an essential accessory. Regardless of which camp you happen to be in, the contents of your bag are critical during the summer months. After all, the sun is out and life is a bit more unexpected. 

As your very own personal stylist for women, it's time I give you the low down on your summer handbag essentials. Oh, and since it's Amazon Prime Day, I figured you are already spending the day on the site. So, this post is more Amazon heavy. Enjoy! 

5 Things You Must Have in Your Handbag During the Summer

Pack These 3 Multi-taskers for Your Holiday Travel.

Let's face it, we're always trying to pack less. But, during the holiday season, that mission becomes even more critical. After all, the more room in your suitcase, the more of your holiday stash you can carry rather than ship. With that in mind, as a personal stylist for women in Seattle, here are my three essentials for holiday travel. Off we go!


3 Pieces That Will Save Room in Your Suitcase