Pack These 3 Multi-taskers for Your Holiday Travel.

 Kate Spade Tiny Spotlight Pleated Dress. Kate Spade. $378.

Let's face it, we're always trying to pack less. But, during the holiday season, that mission becomes even more critical. After all, the more room in your suitcase, the more of your holiday stash you can carry rather than ship. With that in mind, as a personal stylist for women in Seattle, here are my three essentials for holiday travel. Off we go!


3 Pieces That Will Save Room in Your Suitcase

 Cut & Sew Tunic. Topshop. $52.

 Faux Leather Culottes. Available in two colors. Zara. $39.

 J Brand Alana High Rise Crop jeans. Nordstrom. $248.

1. A Tunic.

Is it a top or is it dress? That, Dear Reader, is the magic of the tunic. Nobody knows. Make sure you choose a tunic that is long enough to be worn solo. Try it as a dress with tights and a cardigan or jacket on a mild weather day. (Fleece lined tights or leggings are a great option for cold weather.) Another day you can transform it into a shirt by pairing it over jeans or culottes. This is a great solution for cold weather. If you are traveling from one climate to another, simply bring a pair of jeans, culottes or leggings along and add them to the mix. And if you happen to be lucky enough to be heading to a warmer climate for the holidays? Use it with a bare leg and sandals. 

Regardless of location, if you add a cardigan or jacket on one occasion and skip it on the second, this will feel like an entirely different piece. Personally, I think long sleeve options are best (unless you are going to a warm climate), but any sleeve length will work. Scarves can also transform the look.

 Gretchen Dress. Aritzia. $225.

 Nordstrom Boatneck Cashmere Sweater. Available in multiple colors. $198.

 Vogue En Bleu Scarf. Anthropologie. $286.

2. A Dress.

A dress? That seems vague, right? Oh no. It's all about which dress. Choose a piece that can be worn solo or with a crewneck, v-neck or cowlneck sweater over top. For some women, this will be a-line, for others it will be a sheath dress and for a different set, a flowy maxi will be the best option. The idea is that you can transform your dress into a skirt. Believe it. So, for day one, try your dress with a cardigan or jacket. Then, on day two (the colder day), go for the dress with a sweater over top. If this is your first time layering in this way, try to find a sweater in your closet that will end at the waistline of your dress, wherever that is. Then you are keeping the shape of the dress's intended skirt. This isn't essential, but it makes things easier, for sure. 

Go ahead, add the jacket, if you'd like. If you are going with a crew or v-neck sweater, toss on a scarf. If you find that the shape of the dress works well with the sweater, but part of the dress is peaking out at the neckline, you have two options: Option 1: rock it as is. Option 2: cover your neck area with a scarf.

 Itat Shrug. Available in multiple colors. All Saints. $140.

3. A Sweater that can be Worn Multiple Ways.

If you haven't seen one of these multitasking sweaters, prepare to have your mind blown. And, if you have seen them, or perhaps you even own one, celebrate. They have much to offer. These sweaters can be worn multiple ways to give the illusion of several pieces on your trip. Just keep in mind that you'll want to ensure your outfit flatters your shape and that each version of this piece has a different effect. For example, if draping shows off your stomach, be prepared to wear this over a dress or with a high waisted skirt or pants. If it is long and can be worn tunic-style, opt for leggings or skinny jeans to keep things streamlined rather than overwhelming your shape with another bulky piece. 

 The Unisex Circle Scarf. American Apparel. Available in multiple colors. $28. Some colors on sale.

4. For the New Parent: a Circle Scarf.

There are few pieces more life-altering than a jersey circle scarf for a new mom (or dad for that matter). Use it as a scarf for you or as a blanket for baby. Need something over the stroller to provide warmth and darkness for naptime? The circle scarf saves the day again. Missing a blanket on the plane or in the car? You guessed it, your circle scarf. I recommend jersey options because they can be washed repeatedly and still hold up. My very favorite is from American Apparel. If you are looking for a lovely and useful holiday gift for a new parent, this is it. 


It's time to start packing. Was this helpful? Feel free to share your own tips for finding the ideal multi-taskers for trips. Happy travels!