Seattle Sunday: Some New Specs and Savings at Rivet & Sway

Happy Sunday, Dear Reader. The weather is incredible, so I hope you are enjoying a leisurely day out in the elements. You may have seen on Instagram that I've recently become an ambassador for Rivet & Sway, an online eyeglass company for women located right here in Seattle, in the heart of Pioneer Square. For those of you who have been reading the blog for a while, thank you, and you may have seen my November post highlighting the company. For those of you who are more recent readers, welcome and thank you! And, you might enjoy checking out the previous post as it includes very helpful tips for choosing the right frames. 

Now, to the nitty gritty. 

3 Reasons a Poplin Rivet & Sway Ambassador Helps YOU

1. Easily accessible super cool frames. 

Yesterday, a friend and I visited the showroom so she could try on some glasses. She's French, she's beautiful, she's a mom, a wife and a cellist. Woah. She was the perfect friend to bring on such an excursion. Following the tips from my previous post provided by Rivet & Sway stylist Ritzy Ryciak, we looked for round frames to offset her angular face, showed her eyebrows and gravitated toward color.

2. Deals and deals, oh my!

The good people at R&S have discovered that most women are torn between two pairs. That means that now you can purchase your first pair for $169 and the second (or third or fourth...) pair for $99 each. Genius. That certainly made it easier to buy a bold pair and something a little more practical.

3. Yet another discount!

As if the $99 pair isn't enough, use the Poplin discount code when you purchase for an additional 10% savings. CODE: MELLICIASWAYS.

  Director's Cut in Confetti Pink

  Plus One in Crystal Clear

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