Technology Meets Fashion: The Must Have App

I never thought I'd spend this much time taking my own photo. Truth be told, I never thought I'd spend any time doing it. But, duty calls and now it's all selfies all the time. And, I'm not alone. But, as close as we are, Dear Reader, we both know you are really here for the clothes. So, if you are just seeing selfies of my face, that isn't particularly helpful. Plus, as a personal stylist, I really enjoying seeing photos of your entire outfit, too! Enter, the must have app.


Yes, in fact, you do need it.

Here's a video to explain the whole thing. 


Not one for videos? Okay, here's the deal. You can set your phone further back in the room, see what the camera sees and communicate to the phone via CamMe when to take your photo. Here's the very first photo I took using the app.

 The staff and volunteers at YouthCare for the inaugural Career Styling Session for homeless youth who have graduated from the Barista Training Program.

Pretty good, right? It's free. It's life changing. And, it makes it nice and easy for you to show me your outfits! Finding Poplin tips helpful? Let me know and share your looks!


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