Seattle Sunday: Man, Your Kid is Cool. Thanks, Holt and Lulu

  A few pieces from the Holt and Lulu spring collection.

Let's start with some basic arithmetic:

Fashion forward kids' clothes + Functional and thoughtful design + Made in Seattle = Holt and Lulu

Dear Reader, I am THRILLED to finally be able to share Holt & Lulu with you. Owner Angie Anderson and I met a few years ago through mutual friends and I've been a fan of Angie and the brand ever since. The company makes high quality fashion-forward kids' clothes that you won't find anywhere else. She plays with gender roles, uses a variety of high quality fabrics ranging from faux leather to fleece, and as a parent herself, Angie understands what should be the ultimate goal of all children's fashion — for their clothes to be fashionable AND functional. 

Top 5 Reasons for You to be a Fan Too.

1. Functionality

Every piece is machine washable with a minimum of buttons, and no zippers. Clothes should be cool while making sure that kids "are able to play easily," says Angie.

 Holt and Lulu Ballard Jacket. Was: $99 Now: $32.

2. Locally made

That's right. From concept to design to manufacturing, it all takes place right here.

 Holt and Lulu Crop blouse. $27.

3. High quality

Pictures really don't tell the entire story of these clothes. The pieces are beautifully made and Angie checks each and every one before they head out to retailers around the world.

 Holt and Lulu Tux dress. Was: $72 Now: $52.

4. Cool

When my first niece was born 14 years ago, I started on the hunt for functional, fashionable kids clothes that weren't always simply pink for girls or blue for boys. It's not easy. Holt & Lulu incorporates other colors (gasp!) and plays, for instance, with the idea that pink (like in pre-19th century society) can also be for boys. They reference current trends while still being kid-appropriate. 

 Holt and Lulu Hipster T. $48.

5. You can win a piece!

The quickest way to become a true fan of the brand? Try it out. Holt & Lulu sells wholesale directly to boutiques, or you can purchase individual pieces online. Even better, Holt and Lulu is offering a 20% discount to Poplin readers, but unfortunately this discount cannot be applied online. So, if you find something you like, reach out to me directly and we can make it happen!

Or, of course, you can enter to win one of these two items below. YOU choose which one is best for you:

The Striped Habitual Pant (grey or pink striped)

 Holt and Lulu Grey striped habitual pant. Unisex. $57.

 Holt and Lulu Pink striped habitual pant. Unisex. $57.

The Pixie Top. (Pink dot multi or white multi)

 Holt and Lulu Pixie top. Pink dot multi or white multi. $52.

Simply sign up for the Poplin email list and we'll draw a winner from all email subscribers on Friday, April 11th.

You can choose the pants or dress depending on size availability and your preference. Don't miss out!


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