Must Have: Pastels. Yes, YOU Can Rock Them, I Promise.

 Light grey body warmer Bw021. SuitSupply. $199.

Regardless of age, income, personal style esthetic and lifestyle a pretty common phrase uttered by clients is, "I'm not really into pastels," Understood.

So what do you do when spring is on the way and pastels are, well, everywhere? Option 1: Don't rock this trend. That's easy and being true to your personal style is more important than jumping on the latest bandwagon. But, what if you actually WANT to try to wear pastels but are concerned that they are either not flattering with your skin tone or too juvenile? Well, I can help you out with that.

Here are a Few Tips To Make Pastels Work for YOU.

1. Pastel Nails.

 Essie Lilacism. Target. $8.49.

I've been wearing lavender nail polish all week and I have had on average 5-7 comments every day, yes, every day on my nail color. Even our three year old asked me what color nail polish I was wearing because he liked it. Light blue and lavender and pale yellow are my go-to pastels. So, I'm a big fan of rocking them on my fingertips, too. (I also LOVE opaque white nails as described in a past post.) They are unexpected, interesting, current and coordinate easily with my wardrobe. While you may not wear pastels, try a color that can play nicely with your make-up and the color scheme of your wardrobe. It doesn't need to match, it just shouldn't clash. When I go for the lavender nails, for instance, my lipstick changes to lavender/pinks rather than my go-to orange/red. Special bonus: You can do your nails at home for free. 

2. Strategic Placement. Translation: Away From Your Face.

If you love a color, but aren't sure it works with your skin color, don't let that stop you from wearing it. Try a pastel skirt, belt, pants, handbag or shoes. Again, select a color that can coordinate with your existing pieces, but allows you to wear the current trend. Mint green, light blue and pink are invading local retailers. I've had a pair of sateen pink ankle pants for years that come out each summer. They are my ONLY pink item and because of the pink undertones in my skin, the color would look awful next to my face. They look great with a black and white striped t-shirt and a grey denim jacket or a sheer cream top with lace on the front and nude shoes. Two totally different looks, one pair of pants. Easy.

This year, I'm totally obsessed with my light blue leather skirt from Topshop. I wear it with a light blue sheer sleeveless top to elongate and keep things sophisticated. Alternatively, I go for a navy long sleeved collared shirt with bold white polka dots. Tucking the shirt in keeps the proportions in check as the skirt is A-line, draws attention to my top half which is great for triangles like me and allows me to integrate another current trend: polka dots.

 Yellow Pants B328i. Suit Supply. $149.

 Zocalo Maxi skirt. Available in yellow, green, coral. Anthropologie. $118.

3. Strategic Placement. Translation: Near Your Face.

It's likely that there is at least one pastel color that complements your skin tone and features. Light blue brings out my blue eyes, for example. So, I opt to wear that color near my face. A new top, cardigan or jacket in a color of the moment makes getting dressed more fun each morning and will have lots of matching options as the season progresses. After all, retailers are providing inventory to coordinate with these colors. A great way to save cash, up your style game and accentuate the beauty of your face is to wear a scarf in one of your power colors. Try one in a current pastel that is flattering for your skin tone. For instance, normally, navy is a great power color for me and I wear a navy jersey circle scarf regularly. This spring, I'll be sporting a light blue version in its place. 

Don't let the rain keep you from trying out your new pastel pieces. It doesn't have to be sunny to wear lavender nail polish or carry a mint green handbag. In fact, it's almost more invigorating if it isn't.

 Sun Washed blazer in grass. Need Supply. $175.

 Long sleeve dress with buttons. Zara. $99.90.


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