$40 to Spend at Nordstrom & I Get to Give Back?

 This Fendi bag will provide 1,650 meals for families at the Greater Boston Foodbank. FashionProject.

I love this day! A friend recently asked me if I'd heard about Nordstrom's new partnership with Fashion Project. I hadn't. She proceeded to fill me in and between the two of us there were several repetitions of "it's so awesome," to follow.

Only a few days later, Nordstrom shared it with employees and I received several emails spreading the news. It's SO good that you, Dear Reader, need to know all about it. They say when you give, you get. Well, in this case, what you get is a shiny new $40 gift card from Nordstrom. Here's how.

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Support your favorite nonprofit through Fashion Project & Receive a $40 Gift Card from Nordstrom

Step 1: Edit your closet. 

You know I'm a big fan of making sure that your closet feels like a boutique curated especially for you. Have some designer items in there that you purchased and just don't work on your body? I've seen it before. You spent more than you ever thought you would on something and it just didn't work. But, you spent it. So, you're keeping it. Well, now's the time to part ways with that Prada bag that really isn't your style. Need some help with this part? That's where I come in.

 This Nicole Miller dress will provide vaccines for 61 kids through the US Fund for UNICEF. Fashion Project.

Step 2: Find items that can be resold through Fashion Project.

You'll need at least 5 items to be accepted by Fashion Project to earn your gift card. Each item must have an original value of at least $50, be in excellent condition and be on the qualifying brands list. See more details here. 

 This J Crew jacket will provide a scholarship for one girl to stay in school thanks to She's the First. Fashion Project.

Step 3: Request a free pre-paid donation bag.

Fill it up with your items and send it off to Fashion Project. The organization resells your items and 55% of the net proceeds benefit the nonprofit organization of your choice. (Love that!) 

 These Tory Burch shoes will provide 40 children with clean water through the Safe Water Project. Fashion Project.

Step 4: Receive your $40 Nordstrom gift card and start shopping!

If Fashion Project accepted at least 5 items from your bag, your gift card will arrive soon.

I'm always celebrating Nordstrom's strong support of community organizations and this is another stellar example. $40 is no joke! Plus, you can feel great knowing that your items are going to a great cause that is important to you. Guilt free shopping. Love. Now that's personal style. 


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