Genius! Tricks of the trade: Getting those boots on.

This year, I've been fixated on finding the perfect pair of brown boots. And, I did! Thank you, Nordstrom. They can be worn over the knee or slouched down. Dressed up with a  fitted dress or down with leggings. And, they are super comfortable. Thank you, Frye.

Sadly, like many other slip on boots (ack, no zipper!), I couldn't get them on my feet. With high arches, this is a common issue for me. However, I had the salesperson of dreams, Alec at the downtown Seattle store. And, he showed me this week's Genius Trick of the trade: Getting those boots on. 

First, put your foot into a plastic bag. (Any bag will do, but good luck finding a plastic bag in your house if it is in Seattle. I had to get some from friends who live out of the city. Here's a task that a reusable bag just can't tackle.) 

Second. slip your foot (with the bag over it) into the boot.  

Finally, pull the bag out. It will rip over your toes and slide out, leaving your comfy foot in the boot of dreams. Naturally, this only works if the boot fits your foot and your issue is the instep. If they are a nice quality leather, they'll loosen up over time and you can breathe easy as you stop destroying plastic bags.  


 Frye Lucinda slouch boot. Nordstrom.