Must Haves for Her: Leather or Vegan Leather

If you've been in a store in the last several months, you've undoubtedly seen leather, vegan leather and vinyl everywhere. Maybe at first you thought, leather pants, no way! But, now, the pants, the jacket, a shirt perhaps are all starting to seem possible.... make that essential, if only you knew how to make it all work. Here's a tip to get you started:

Find a unique signature piece that can also be a staple.

While this vegan leather jacket from SkunkFunk, my absolute favorite store right now, may seem challenging, it actually can be paired with several items. Skinny jeans or pants. If you are feeling daring, coated pants can also work. A column dress or shift dress works well. If you wear a skirt or leggings, be sure your shirt covers your mid area to avoid a muffin top. 

 Vegan Leather jacket. SkunkFunkUSA.

 Faux Leather front zip vest by Echo. Nordstrom

This can also be accomplished with items that have leather embellishments or touches of leather. By purchasing something that is only partially leather, you'll save money and have more flexibility when putting outfits together. This Faux Leather Front Zip Vest by Echo below is supple faux leather in front and knit in the back. The neck is both dramatic and functional in cold weather.

Pair with skinny pants and knee high boots. Or try a wool blend mini with tights and ankle boots. 


And now, a few tips about leather on the bottom half. Leather and vegan leather short a-line or circle skirts are all the rage right now and can be paired with knit tops, t-shirts and tights. I like this one in white from American Apparel. This silhouette is everywhere.


The key is to take leather a little less seriously. Pair it with natural fabrics like cotton for a casual look. Or, if you'd like to kick it up a notch, add a feminine top. Boots or heavy platforms with opaque tights work well. As for leather pants, go with riding pants or other styles that are not entirely leather. As you tip toe into this trend, you can also try vegan leather pants. This pair from Anthro are machine washable. Seriously. 

 Vera vegan leather leggings. Anthropologie.   


Coated skinny jeans are another useful alternative and may make you feel a little more confident when just heading to the store for milk. But, rest assured, as with everything, the first step to looking incredible, is knowing that you look incredible.