Repurpose. Repackage. Making an Old Coat New Again.

Upping your style game does not have to mean running out and purchasing a ton of new clothes. Whatever your budget might be, there are creative ways to help you embrace your style and be mindful of your money. On of my very favorite things to do is to find new life in existing pieces. If this speaks to you, you'll should certainly check out the post about updating your "they work for work" pants. There are lots of ways to stretch those Banana Republic/ Ann Taylor/ Express pants.

Moving on.

My client, Julie, is a manager at a large tech company. She opts for pieces that are on the professional side but expresses her style through unexpected prints and textures. Going through her closet was SO much fun. We found a wide array of pieces that could easily be updated with some key tweaks. You'll see lots of that in an upcoming booklet on tailoring. For now, let's dive into one of the high impact, minimal effort transformations from her closet. As Morrissey says, "Repurpose repackage reissue reevaluate." Who said the Smiths wouldn't stand the test of time? 

Transforming a Vintage Coat

with Tailoring

5 Ways to Wear a Belt Bag in 2018

So I wrote a post in March, 2017 about how to wear a belt bag (aka a Fanny Pack). And now, I'm seeing belt bags EVERYWHERE. So, My Dear Reader, here's what you need.

1. Check out

Marimekko + Uniqlo: Pieces for $20 and Under are Still Going Strong.

Believe it! The Marimekko + Uniqlo Collab started with a bang. I watched pieces disappear from my cart as I shopped. Simultaneously, clients and friends were shooting over photos of themselves in the Uniqlo dressing room or calling with sizing questions. It was big.

And now,

Featured Bad Ass: Mindi Steiner

Are you seeing this? I sure am. As a personal stylist and solo-preneur in Seattle, I'm fortunate to spend my days with incredible, inspiring women. I must admit, over the years, I've become very fond of my adopted  hometown. But, every once in a while, the interweb reminds me of my previous life, decades ago, in Northern California. That also happens to be the home of a strong, creative,  woman, Mindi Steiner

Win $300 at Universal Standard and Shop Sizes 6-32!

If you loved the styles I've featured over the past year or so at Universal Standard but didn't happen to fit into the clothes, this post is for you. If you love US as much as I do and DO fit into their pieces, this post is for you. And, if you have never heard of this groundbreaking brand out of Seattle and NYC, this post is for you, too.

How Do I Win a $300 Gift Card for Universal Standard?

As a personal stylist for women in Seattle, I've spoken with hundreds of women about their style and inevitably that means their size and challenges that they face with finding clothes that fit their bodies and their sizes. That's what led me to develop a comprehensive system to dress your body type and identify your personal style. That's also what led me to write this post back in 2016: The End of Plus Size. 

So, you can imagine how elated I was to discover Universal Standard. The brand offers hip, high quality pieces sizes 10 and up. Amazing! After all, I work with a lot of women size 12/14/16 who struggle when they can no longer shop at their favorite retailers. Over time, I've shared pieces I adore from US, held an event at the local showroom and have taken clients shopping there. Now, things are getting MUCH more interesting.

Universal Standard is expanding to offer sizes 6-32. What?! Believe it! And to celebrate, I'm giving away a $300 gift card to use as you please online or in the NYC or Redmond, WA showroom. Here's what you need to know.

At Last! The Poplin Style Blog in your Inbox

Ever wonder how to make sure you don't miss the latest Poplin blog post? Up until now, there hasn't been a way to subscribe to the blog directly. That all ends now.

As we move into Poplin Style 2.0, it's time for more tools to make getting all the style tips you need, nice and easy.


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Your Must Have Colors for Spring

Oh it's happening. Spring 2018 is upon us and that means new colors to introduce into your wardrobe. Introduce? Meaning I don't already have them in there? Indeed. While it's possible you have a few of these beauties floating around. It's likely that you don't have many, whether or not you love them, simply because we haven't seen this color palette in a while. And it's not surprising. Fashion and style are combatting tough times with playful, happy pieces to help us wake up, smile and fight the good fight. 

As a personal stylist for women, I'm always reminding clients that just because you don't think a color is flattering, doesn't mean you can't wear it. So let's dive into the colors of the season and the next post will focus on how to wear them. Off we go!

2018 Spring Color Palette

32 Minutes With Poplin Style- From Dressing Your Age to Communicating your Style and More

When the good people at Genneve reached out to me about becoming a guest on the brand podcast, I was intrigued. The company focuses on providing tools for women in mid life. And, I'm all for more resources to face daily hurdles. As a personal stylist for women, my job is an attention getter, for sure. And, it's pretty common for folks to have questions about my work and more likely, to pick my brain about their style challenges. 

I had no idea how

What do I do with Outdated Pants?

As a personal stylist for women, I can't tell you how many times I've ended up in a client's closet going through a giant pile of, "work pants." You know the ones. They are usually from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Loft or some other company that offers functional trousers for work. More often than not they are wrinkle resistant, easy to care for and work as the, "essential uniform for work." 

Over time, the cut becomes dated. So, they fall out of the heavy rotation. But they are still functional, they've held up well and, "they work." However, they don't look fresh and they certainly don't make the wearer feel like she's killing it at life. 

That's when I inevitably hear the question, "Should I keep these?" Which brings us to today's post:


What do I do with Outdated Pants?

Tights + Hosiery. What to Buy and What to Wear With Them.

This is going to be a keeper, for sure. Many years ago the decision between a bare leg and nylons would determine whether or not I sat next to Johnny Cochran on an airplane. It sounds creepy, but it wasn't. In fact, it was all about airline dress codes and I was forced to choose between putting on my nylons and potentially missing a flight but also having a chance to sit next to Johnny Cochran OR not putting them on, most likely getting on the flight and certainly not sitting near the legal giant. Why am I telling you this? Well, in real life, it's pretty hilarious. But mostly it's because leg-wear matters, people. 

Moving on, I get tons of questions about choosing the proper accoutrement to go with skirts and dresses. Should I do sheer hose? Opaque tights? Textured tights? A bare leg? What color? Truly, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear from clients. Inspired by one client in particular, I've opted to put together this one sheet that tells you what you need to know when putting the finishing touches on your outfit.

Let's get to it. 

P.S. I'm THRILLED to include Swedish Stockings which are all sustainable. That's right, ladies. The first hosiery not made from petroleum products. Amazing. 

Tights + Hosiery: What to

Buy and When

to Wear Them

Deals, Access and Free Stuff this Weekend- Get on It.

Over the years, I've developed relationships with some incredible people and places around town. For whatever reason, this weekend and in the coming days, a number of those folks are hosting events. Events that YOU just might want to check out. Hello FREE fabric! Hello your favorite boutiques! All this and more. Check out the newsletter for details. And look for me!

Save on Winter Discounts and Crush on Spring 2018 Trends

Whether you are diving into some crazy deals as retailers close out their cold weather options or looking for some spring inspiration, I've got you covered. I don't know about you; but I'm torn between two lovers, as they say. I'm elated to see all my favorite brands and retailers offering incredible deals as they make room for new inventory. Waking up to rain makes these deals even more appealing. And yet, I'm also pining for warm weather and the recent sun-breaks keep me coming back for more. So,

Let's Hear it for Love & Simply Matchmaking.

One advantage of my job as a personal stylist, is that I often have the pleasure of being the go-to person for my clients on a wide range of topics. Whether they are looking for an aesthetician, a hair stylist or an interior decorator, I’m often asked for referrals. This has become especially fun as so many new people are moving to our city. Because so many folks arrive telecommuting at the job they had before they moved or happen to be following a partner, it’s common for me to the be one of the first people they meet.

I describe the consultation as an opportunity for me to try to get inside a client’s head as much as possible. Using that information along with her budget, her body type and her lifestyle, we create a strategy for her personal style moving forward. Really, my job is to see people. And part of that is understanding where someone is in her life and where she wants to be.

Commonly, this includes conversations about

Give Back: Shop Local Santa Barbara + Montecito

Sometimes distance makes us feel helpless. Sometimes it is the enormity of a problem. Sometimes, we simply don't know how to help. As a personal stylist in the Pacific Northwest, I'm privileged to be a part of several communities- a community of small businesspeople, of female entrepreneurs and of course, my very own Poplin community, filled with readers and clients. We are reminded that community is vital when faced with tragedy. Over the past several months, I, like so many others, have watched from the sidelines as not one or two but multiple natural disasters have hit so many locations. In an effort to support those communities, we gave to the Red Cross or other local organizations helping those affected. But, it never felt sufficient. (By the way, you can also do this through DailyKARMA, an easy way to track your giving and encourage others to do the same.)

Tonight, an old friend of mine, Devin, in Santa Barbara posted a plea on Facebook- to shop local Santa Barbara small businesses. 

Of course! Why hadn't I thought of that? Small businesses are especially vulnerable. They are also deeply tied to their communities. This means that not only are they hit hard by the immediate effects of the disaster, like those around them, but they are often giving back. Small businesses are often called upon as they have much needed resources. Sometimes, those businesses give  more than they have, in an effort to support the members of their communities who are desperate for help.  

So, I'm taking my friend, Devin's, lead and I hope you will, too. Here's how:

3 Actions to Help Small Businesses Who Have Been the Victims of Floods, Mudslides and Natural Disasters. 

Genius Tricks of the Trade: How do I Get Tall Boots on?

I'm always delighted to see the most popular content on the blog. Lately, this post from 2013, yup, 2013 has been blowing away the competition. As your very own personal stylist, it seems only fair that I'd share it with my regular readers, too. After all, it's especially useful in this weather. 

Genius Tricks of the Trade: How do I Get Tall Boots On? 

Need Some Beautiful & Powerful Signs for the Women's March?

Hello Dear Reader!

I'm looking forward to seeing so many of you at Saturday's Women's March. It sounds like we'll have a large turnout for equality. I'll be in the front of the march in support of

Marimekko + Uniqlo!

What could be a better gift for our 10th wedding anniversary than the release of a new collection of pieces created thanks to a partnership between Uniqlo and Marimekko? As it turns out, we'll all be celebrating on

Biggest News Yet.

Hello Dear Reader!
I’m THRILLED to see you, as I have much to share.
Let me begin by thanking you for being part of the Poplin community. I know I say it frequently, but it is a rare gift to have a job that allows me to help women with something that has the power to really transform their lives. Plus, the world is better when it’s filled with beauty. As a personal stylist for women, I’ve been very fortunate to share in this transformation and to have the especially unusual opportunity to receive public notes of gratitude (a.k.a. reviews.) I am grateful to you for making it all happen.
On this note, if you’ve been reading these newsletters for some time, you are likely very familiar with my personal commitment to equity and accessibility. I work hard to give young people access to productive, healthy lives through my volunteer work with YouthCare, at my son’s school, and other occasional opportunities whenever I can find them (and time allows) through the Ruby Room, ACLU and many more.

You may have also noticed that Poplin has had a waitlist for new clients for the last several months.

This combination has initiated my launch into, what I’m calling, Poplin 2.0: The era of equitable access to personal style.

Style Tips When Your Weight has Increased.

One of the most frequent replies when I tell someone that I'm a personal stylist is, "I'd love to do that. I'll definitely call you after I lose X number of pounds." Ugh. And, the holidays are the worst when it comes to weight gain.

With the exception of my very slim husband who has some magical gene, there are very few people who don't experience some sort of weight fluctuation. Sadly, as we gain, we tend to stop investing in ourselves and taking pride in our look.


Feeling Good About How You Look at Any Size

A Message of Love: Get Ready for Poplin 2.0

Happy New Year, Dear Reader. We are big on New Year's Resolutions around here. Each year we pick a theme and make a plan to embrace it. In years past we've had the year of the car, the year of health and the year of the house. This year we are launching into the year of Self Discipline and Self Care and I can't tell you how happy I am about it. What does this mean? Well, we're each stating 5 reasons we are grateful at dinner each night. Also, we've decided to have TV take a less prominent role in our lives, so we moved it out of the main room and got a fish tank instead. In the words of our seven year old, "it's like the fish tank is the new TV." Yes, my dear, that's exactly what it's like. We moved more of our books into the living room and made cozy spots equipped with magazines for adults and books for kids. I'm especially excited about this because I subscribe to a zillion fashion and culture magazines and this gives me even more time to dive into them. 

Where am I going with this? Well,