Beyond Skinnies- The Tapered Trouser & You.

Remember when skinny jeans were just entering the lexicon? Not because we didn't understand the term, "skinny jeans," but more likely that men and women were a little concerned that their bodies weren't going to play nicely with them. 

And now? Now, how many other cuts of pants are in your closet? Probably not many. But, as we all know, skinny pants aren't flattering for everyone. Of course, we try a few tricks to make them work. After all, feeling current feels good. 

Whether you have a sea of skinny pants or you finally gave in and just have a few, now is the time to look beyond your skinnies. New silhouettes are here. Perhaps you might like to try a pair of boyfriend jeans, or the dressier (but equally comfortable option): 

Tapered Trousers. 

Tapered? Yes! I was a little resistant at first, too. But after I bought my first pair (in vegan leather!) I fell in love. They feel like wearing sweatpants, so comfy and yet stylish. You may see them under several different names, but the key is tapered at the bottom and a little more volume everywhere else.

Tapered trousers add curves to your lower half. So, they are great for rectangle shaped women.  Try a bold color or print if you are an inverted triangle, drawing attention to your lower half.  Perhaps you'd like to try mixing things up with plaid or houndstooth? I have a triangle body shape and love these pants. However, pants look best on triangle silhouettes when they skim our hips, which many tapered pants don't do. So, keep your eyes peeled for softer fabrics that will not add bulk to your frame and make sure to add height using your shoes to visually slim things down. Hourglasses want to emphasize their waistlines, so keep this in mind when shopping and styling. A shirt tucked in can do the trick.

If you have a diamond shaped silhouette, it's best to avoid this style as it adds volume to your midsection. Worry not! There are other options for you on the shop page.

Cropped tops and sweaters have reemerged and can be paired with a tapered pant to avoid unnecessary bulk in your midsection. I'm very fond of pairing mine with a cropped fuzzy sweater from Top Shop in a similar color for a monochromatic look. As I've given birth, half shirts are out, but shorter sweaters that look tailored without showing skin are not.

If you are more interested in how top designers rock this look, you'll want to go for tops or jackets that hit at the hip. This look works best on rectangle silhouettes, for sure. 

Tapered trousers look smashing with ankle boots or booties in cold weather. Feel free to try with flats or wedge heels as things warm up. Remember, they feel like sweats for a reason- make sure you style them so that they don't look like sweats, too.

Keep it classic, clean lines, highlight your shape and embrace your personal style. Enjoy the freedom to move freely and look great.


 Pleated baggy trousers. Mango. Was: $59.99 Now: $29.99

 Piper Faux leather track pants. Nordstrom. Was: $68 Now: $24.97. I have these!

 Checked trousers. Zara. Was: $59.90 Now: $29.99.

 Warehouse Jacquard pants. ASOS. Was: $86.07 Now. $58.08

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