How can I wear this without freezing?

The holidays equal massive fashion magazine consumption for me. Today, I'm sharing that lovely feeling of escapism with some useful and motivating fashion information.

Enter the eternal question: "How can I wear ankle boots or open toed shoes with a skirt and not freeze to death? After all, it is winter." 

I'm a big fan of the ankle boot. Unquestionably, they can be paired with skinny jeans, pants or leggings. Try them with track pants or cigarette pants, too. Hearing a trend? Wear with pants. But, the ankle boot is such a great way to show off your legs when wearing a skirt or dress. Personally, I'm a big fan of the bare leg, ankle boot and midi dress with a coat. Awesome, until you realize you are freezing. What to do?

A few suggestions:

1. Rock opaque tights. If they are 100% cotton, they are more likely to cling to your skirt or dress. Black is great, but I'm a sucker for navy tights or even periwinkle. As it turns out, they go with a wide array of outfits and are more unexpected than black.

 Paris Hilton in sheer black hosiery. November, 2013. Celeb Hosiery Daily.

2. Embrace black sheer hose. It sounds super crazy town, but black sheer hosiery (nylons) are coming back. You'll see. Feel like mixing it up? Give a nod to the 40's and try a pair with a black seem down the back. Or, if you are feeling particularly edgy, black fishnets are coming back, too. Here's an example from Tokyo, which is a helpful indication of things to come.

Another advantage to rocking hosiery rather than the bare leg- control top. Yes!

 Eva Mendes in sheer patterned hosiery. Celebrity Hosiery Daily.

3. Textured nylons and bold colored tights are still in, too. You've likely considered this option. These are a fun way to express yourself while still being work appropriate. My favorite brands are American Apparel or HUE.

The struggle with these bold options is that they make your legs a focal point. Sometimes that's great. Sometimes, not so much. If your outfit already has plenty going on and you don't want to break things up visually any more than you already are, the following is your best option.

 Hayden Panettiere in nude fishnets. Celeb Hosiery Daily.

4. Okay, here it is: Nude. The lovely Kate Middleton started rocking nude nylons pre-baby and it sure seems like that is going to become a thing over the next few seasons. If you wore nude nylons the first time around, you might be better off sticking with black. This is one of the times that wearing a trend you've already worn might not work very well. Nude hosiery is more of a nod to the 80's that is best done by folks who don't remember that decade very well. For those of you who have yet to wear them, be sure not to go with "tan."

Personally, moving to nude hosiery is a little far for me just yet. The transitional piece? Nude fishnets or nude textured nylons. They are subtle compared with black or colored hose but are a little less grandma than the traditional nude. 

 SPANX Sheer fashion pantyhose - back seam.

And, while we're on the subject, I feel compelled to let you know that stirrup tights and toeless hosiery exist. I'd recommend these on very rare occasions and for the over the top ironic fashionista. Otherwise, don't be afraid to wear tights with open-toed ankle boots. As long as you don't see a seam or a reinforced toe, you are good to go. 

And hey, Happy New Year!