Seattle Essential for Her: The Infinity Scarf

In any other city, you might consider an umbrella. Not in the great Northwest. We only use umbrellas as accessories to complete a look (if the umbrella is exceptionally stylish or we have a job interview), in extreme weather or if we absolutely MUST walk across downtown during a rainstorm.  

What's a girl to do?  

Embrace the infinity scarf. (My personal go to is the Circle Scarf from American Apparel in navy blue.) 



I especially LOVE the graphic that helps guide you through the myriad ways of embracing the circle scarf:


Whether you are rocking a lightweight, denim, leather or even a bulkier vintage coat, this is the perfect way to protect your hair and face from the elements. It's heavy enough to withstand typical Seattle rain and wind (image 3) and looks sophisticated when you return to image 2. 

If you are a mom of a young child, you can use it to cover your baby when feeding, drape it over your stroller to keep light out and encourage sleeping. It's also a great pillow for older kids (or you!) or a blanket in a pinch.  

My mom drapes hers over her shoulder twice to hold her handbag or other carry on items when she flies.  

I always thought they called it, "infinity" because there is no end, but perhaps it is simply because there is no end to the number of ways it can be utilized.  




 Circle scarf. American Apparel.

 Circle Scarf tutorial courtesy of American Apparel