I Heart (Band of) Horses.

 Best surprise EVER.

Last night my husband surprised me with tickets to the Band of Horses show at the Paramount. Our musical tastes are like a venn diagram and Band of Horses is one of the artists in the section that represents our overlap. We saw them together over 8 years ago, so we were past due for another show. I had no idea they were in town and was recently disappointed by our inability to pick up Chance the Rapper tickets. (Also in the overlap section.) 

It was extraordinary. Seriously. Maybe one of the best shows I've been to, certainly in Seattle. Still playing the record repeatedly on our turntable while I work, I have opted to postpone today's scheduled post in favor of something a little unconventional. (Yes, they sold records at the show.) Today, Dear Reader, I'll bring you a personal stylist's interpretation of Band of Horses. Translation: Here are some cool pieces related to horses. Go! 


5 Ways to Integrate Horses into Your Look

(Thank you, Band of Horses.)


1. By Rocking a Horse Print Maxi Skirt.

I have been truly obsessed with high waisted maxi skirts for about a year now. You can see that on display in my post about Ball Skirts from December. The perfect cut is hard to find in a skirt that isn't intended for a formal occassion. Just in case you have $800+ lying around for one, THIS would be it. Pair it with a navy striped breton top and wedges or a basic white tee. So good. 

 No horses here, but worth a share. Long Sleeve Breton. Available in multiple colors. Boden. $38.

 Blue Silk Horse Print Dressage Skirt. MACGRAW. $595.

2. Then Using a Horse Print Umbrella.

You'll never struggle to determine which umbrella is yours again. This horse print option gives you the freedom to bring some eccentricity into your style without tweaking with your outfit.



3. When Wearing a Graphic Tee.

If you'd rather save your pennies but still integrate an interesting take on horses, this tee is the way to go.

 White Horse Print High Low Tee. Shein. Was: $12 Now: $7.

4. With Some Pony.

In case you've always been a little bit concerned about "pony," rest your pretty little head. Pony hair is actually calf hair. It's widely used on shoes and clothing and is fun for friends to pet. (Yes, that's a thing.) I'm loving the animal print shoes at Ann Taylor right now for a timeless neutral. There are more to choose from than these two AND they are all 40% off. Bam.

Drea Leopard Print Calf Hair (AKA, "pony") Block Heel Pumps. Ann Taylor. $148. Additional 40% off with code: FRIENDS40.

Reese Leopard Print Haircalf (AKA, "pony") Pumps. Ann Taylor. $148. Additional 40% off with code: FRIENDS40.

5. While Fearlessly Embracing Your Unconventional Style with Designer Pieces.

We can thank Vivienne Westwood for this shoe that doubles as a piece of art. If you aren't so confident about walking in these beauties, know that they would look smashing on a prominent shelf brightening everyday. I was so entertained by the rocking horse reference, I had to throw them in the mix. Love them? They are also available in red, grey and white at various retailers.

 Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Rocking Horse. Available in black, red. Zappos. $230.

Now that I have you thinking about horses, you can also go a little more subtle with jewelry. Of course, cowboy boots are an option. While you are doing that, I'll switch over to the Live at KEXP Band of Horses performance. I invite you to come along. Enjoy your weekend!


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