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I Heart (Band of) Horses.

Last night my husband surprised me with tickets to the Band of Horses show at the Paramount. Our musical tastes are like a venn diagram and Band of Horses is one of the artists in the section that represents our overlap. I had no idea they were in town and was recently disappointed by our inability to pick up Chance the Rapper tickets. (Also in the overlap section.) We saw them together over 8 years ago, so we were past due for another show.

It was extraordinary. Seriously. Maybe one of the best shows I've been to, certainly in Seattle. Still playing the record repeatedly on our turntable while I work, I have opted to postpone today's scheduled post in favor of something a little unconventional. (Yes, they sold records at the show.) Today, Dear Reader, I'll bring you a personal stylist's interpretation of Band of Horses. Translation: Here are some cool pieces related to horses. Go! 


5 Ways to Integrate Horses into Your Look

(Thank you, Band of Horses.)

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