Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Shopping and Sales!

 Cork that doesn't always look like cork? Yes, please!

What to do? It's Earth Day AND the day after we lost Prince. I'm wearing purple as I write this and will be following up this post with a Prince inspired piece to go live this weekend. So, for now, I'll focus on Earth Day. Why? Well, a sale at Coclico is a good reason. 

I love the idea of slow shopping: Creating more meaningful experiences and buying fewer pieces, shopping that is better for the world. This is why shops like Velouria hold a special place in my heart. That being said, it's a real commitment. And for me, and most of my clients, sustainable pieces are a, "nice to have" versus a "must have." When price, size and style come into play, sustainability often comes in last.

So, for today's Earth Day post, I wanted to offer up some realistic options to integrate some slow shopping into our lives. Off we go!


Baby Steps for Slow Shopping

Including Some of My Favorite Brands

 Fanny Heel. (Leather wrapped recycled cork platform for comfort). Coclico. $450. Additional 10% off today with code: EARTHDAY16.

1. Coclico on sale!

I couldn't drop a bomb like a Coclico sale and not kick things off with more info. Yes, Coclico shoes are an investment. Indeed. But, they are worth it. I have several clients who rock them year after year. They are beautifully made, exceptionally hip and comfortable. Today, you can save 10% off all shoes with cork at Coclico online with code: EARTHDAY16. You won't be disappointed. Not sure how to style these beauties? Here's a sample outfit photo from a client. Using pieces from her closet, you can see a variety of ways to rock a pair on your own.


 Rauret t-shirt. Available in black, white. Skunkfunk. $49.

2. Skunkfunk: Green Fashion from a Little Green Country.

Seriously. You know how much I adore the unconventional approach when it comes to getting dressed. Starting with classic pieces and adding in some unexpected options is the way to go. And brands like Skunkfunk make it all possible. There are two shops to visit the next time you are in San Francisco. Until then, shop online. And, while you are on the site, read up on the brand's commitment to sustainability. It is GOTS certified, the world's leading standard for environmental criteria along the organic supply chain. 


 Romper in Blockhead Red. Velouria. $315.

3. Velouria, Naturally.

I couldn't make this list without including Velouria, now could I? Everything in the boutique is made in the US or Canada and always of very high quality so you can keep pieces for years. If you haven't been in lately, it's time for dinner in Pioneer Square and a visit to the shop. Fresh pieces, additional charming staff members, a transformed neighborhood, it's all happening at Velouria. Monday's sunshine welcomed me to "Rompertown." (Much better if you sing, "Funkytown" to yourself while saying it.) Here's a romper just for you so you can join me on said adventure.



 Ace & Jig Natural Cardiff Rally Frock. Ethica. $265.

4. Ethica, Ethical Shopping.

You are going to LOVE this. A beautiful site with lovely pieces, all of which make you feel good about shopping. I dare you to attempt to stay on it less than 5 minutes. It's addictive. 


5. Recycling Your Tattered Pieces.

Since we're talking baby steps here, I'd love to also give you some options for clearing out what you already own that isn't working for you. A few options: 1. If the pieces are right for someone else, just not right for you, consider donating them to a local nonprofit. You know I'm always on the hunt for more pieces for YouthCare:) 2. If the pieces are so damaged that they can't be worn any longer, don't toss them in the trash. Recycle them! H&M offers a 15% off discount to anyone donating clothes to be recycled. For Earth Week, the discount is 30%. Of course, H&M is the anti-slow shopping destination.... Alternatively, donate your damaged clothing through King County's Threadcycle program. 

Really, I could go on all day. If you are looking for other tips and tricks to reduce your footprint, check out my guest post from Earth Day 2014. Other ideas? Please share!